West New York Commissioner Parkinson appointed local school principal by BOE


West New York Revenue and Finance Commissioner Adam Parkinson was appointed as the principal of Public School No. 5 by the board of education at Tuesday evening’s meeting.

West New York Revenue and Finance Commissioner Adam Parkinson. Screenshot via Instagram Reel.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Now therefore, be it resolved that the West New York Board of Education hereby appoints the following employees to their respective positions in the District, subject to the above enumerated conditions,” the resolution begins.

“(a) Adam Parkinson, Principal, PS#5, at a 12 month annual salary commensurate with the Administrators salary guide, as discussed with and agreed to by the WNYAA and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools.”

The position is open after two principals, Patrick Gagliardi and Nelson Lopez (of West New York Middle School and Pubic School No.5, respectively) announced they would be retiring.

Parkinson, 29, has been working as the assistant director of academic programs and student achievement in the Weehawken Public Schools since early 2017.

He previously served on the West New York BOE for a decade, most of which as president, before deciding to run on now Mayor Albio Sires’ ticket last year.

At the same meeting, Sergio A. Londono was named a district supervisor, Kelly James was named the principal of West New York Middle School, Yesenia Rodas was appointed assistant principal at Public School No. 6, and Matthew Seta got voted in as assistant principal at Public School No. 4.

Parkinson deferred comment to BOE President Jonathan Castaneda, who congratulated all of the administrators that were just hired for the next scholastic year that begins in September.

“I am very proud of all administrators hired at Tuesday’s meeting. They join the ranks of our incredible administrators who, along with our amazing teachers and support staff, continue to deliver for our students day in and day out,” he told HCV.

“I wish Ms. Jameson, Mr. Parkinson, Mr. Seta, Ms. Rodas, and Mr. Londono the best of luck in their new roles, and I look forward to working with them to continue making West New York the best it can be.”

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  1. The board of education in wny continues to be a disgratzia. More political patronage hiring just like they protected the assistant principal who lied about her fall down the stairs. They hid her in the passes program at the middle school. They should have fought harder for the commissioner of education in trenton to fire the liar. But you know how it goes in wny. The two clowns who ran the investigation have a history of being weak on punishment. One was the principal of the high school who along with the AD/phys ed supervisor tried to cover up the gun incident with the physical education teacher. And god knows what else they’ve covered up over the years. And as usual mush mouth albio who can barely speak covers for and protects these reprobates. the figure head leader of the circus known as the wnyea union anita kober is another in a long line of puppets leading the union to its eventual demise.

  2. Remember when phat gagliardi had a nervous breakdown at one of the district holiday parties, when his ex wife made out in front of him with another teacher? We remember. The entertainment value was awesome. A mini me of his do nothing father. daddy got him his job.

  3. That creepy eyed faccia brute stronzo train wreck former memorial football head coach was named assistant principal of school #1 during the fall. You can’t make this stuff up. Rumor has it they hired him based on his past experience of pulling his pork. They would have been better off naming wayne cook, aka special ed wayne, as the assistant principal. Talk about a train wreck. Leave it to west new york to bring in the right people to make decisions about the town and school district. Not.

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