West New York closing 52nd St. until further notice to expedite completion of parking deck


The Town of West New York is closing 52nd Street until further notice to expedite the completion of a new parking deck with 495 spaces.

Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am very excited that we are finally beginning the next phase of this major construction project. This is just one of our many parking infrastructure upgrades that will greatly increase the number of spaces available to both residents and visitors,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said in a statement.

“We appreciate West New Yorkers’ patience and understanding during this road closure, and will do everything possible to expedite the work and minimize any additional disruptions to the surrounding community.”

The closure began today and will run from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. on week days.

Previously construction on the new deck had been limited to underground; however a decision was made to temporarily close the road completely to allow for progress to be made substantially quicker.

There had been some concern from residents that the lot had been sold to a private interest, however this is not the case and the new parking deck will be available to both the general public as well as private sector employees.

The reason for this misconception is that part of the land is being redeveloped into a 14-story residential building known as The Grand at 508 51st St.

National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA) is building the deck in a joint effort with the town and has said that about 60 percent of the spaces will be available for residential parking.

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