West New York BOE race features one 4-person slate, one 3-person slate, & one independent


The West New York Board of Education race features one four-person slate will feature one four-person slate, one three-person slate, and one independent candidate.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Trustees Sandra Pfeil and Aylen Jover, both relative newcomers to the board, will be joined by Henry Codina, a police officer who was promoted to lieutenant in December, and fellow first time candidate Stephanie Gonzalez as part of the “Your Children’s Future” team.

Pfiel, Jover, and Codina are seeking three-year terms on the board, while Gonzalez is vying for a one-year seat in the April 25th non-partisan race.

Jover was appointed in January to replace outgoing Trustee David Morel, who was the vice president at the time.

While she was appointed along with President Adam Parkinson and Trustee Marielka Diaz, they are not seeking re-election to run on Albio Sires’ municipal ticket in the other spring non-partisan contest in West New York on May 9th.

Trustee Jonathan Castaneda was also appointed at that time and is currently serving as VP.

Meanwhile, Pfiel was appointed in December after the New Jersey School Ethics Commission removed Trustee Ismail Dalia for not filing a financial disclosure form.

Sires has historically backed the “Your Children’s Future” ticket, which seems unlikely to change here given that the slates various incarnations are unbeaten since 2018 and theĀ  two elections are only 14 days apart.

The other slate, which has not selected a slogan yet, has three candidates seeking three-year terms: Julissa Zubinga, Jenny Garcia, and Mexzi Bailetti, the latter who has been a municipal employee since late 2017.

Rounding out the candidates is Brandon Fontanez, a local real estate professional who is seeking a three-year term under the “Together We Can” banner, which had been previously used by former Mayor Felix Roque, who dropped out of the municipal race last month.

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