West New York approves $76M budget, 3.82% tax increase, at 8-minute meeting


At a meeting that lasted a mere eight minutes, the West New York Board of Commissioners unanimously approved (5-0) a $76,674,325 budget that comes with a 3.82 percent tax increase. West New York Board of Commissioners

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The very brief meeting went off without a hitch, as no one from the public questioned any of the budget figures.

As a matter of fact, in what once seemed like an impossibility at West New York public meetings, none of the 20 or so people in attendance voiced a single complaint.

Only longtime resident Dorinne Auriemma spoke during the public portion of the meeting, commending Police Director Robert Antolos for the department’s drug raid on 51st Street last week, also sending well wishes to Police Sgt. Jorge Ramos – who is currently in the hospital due to health issues.

Town administrator Matthew Watkins said last month that the tax increase would translate to paying about an additional $24 a month for residents.

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  1. Great job Honorable Dr. Mayor Felix E. Roque and WNY Board of Commissioners! Thank you for putting the needs of the residents of WNY first in approving a budget that will provide for them. Tax increases happen in every administration to help balance budgets. Those that don’t realize that are fool hearty.

  2. What do you care? You don’t even live in this town, or did you move back here since you have a job in Town Hall?

    And if this guy knew how to govern and didn’t give jobs and exorbitant salaries to his cronies, and cost the town millions in law suit payouts caused by his misdeeds, maybe a tax increase wouldn’t be necessary.

    One of his biggest brags during his campaign was that there was no tax increase during his administration. Of course not. Like every other phony, he waited till after the election.

  3. And another thing, would it be so difficult for him to change into a suit when he has to preside over meetings? Doesn’t he realize how unprofessional he looks in his scrubs?
    The man has no class.

  4. Folks, if we’re going to speak anonymously, that’s fine, but can we please not falsely use other people’s names? Nicole DeFino just contacted me stating she never commented on the site, yet her name was used. Let’s try to maintain some level of maturity here please, thanks.

  5. @2. janimon, in answer to your question I care because I grew up and was schooled in WNy. My father the late great Commissioner Joseph P. Oliveti served this town for many years and served them well. Ask the gentlemen who worked in the DPW Dept. under his direction. As for my living in North Bergen currently that doesn’t impact how I do my job at town hall. And why are you so focused on how Mayor Roque dresses? Town meetings aren’t fashion shows or competitions. What’s important is the work that gets done there and the ideas that get exchanged. As I recall, taxes were also raised quite significantly during Sal Vega’s administration. And I lived through that administration during which I was bounced around as if I had a rubber rear without any explanation. At least now I’m in a dept. where I can remain productive and busy. John, I’ve only seen you in passing a few times but I agree with what you said. We should be able to comment in this forum without engaging in personal attacks. It was brought to my attention that a comment was made here pertaining to my disability and my “social security benefits.” Not that it’s anyone’s concern here but I don’t receive any. I work full time so therefore, I don’t receive social security benefits. Yes, I have a jhjob in town hall but I earn every penny I make: answering phones, running errands, scheduling inspections, translating, calling on ready permits, and performing other secretarial duties. I don’t sit on my duff like others who don’t have my disability (blindness) do in this world. As for using someone’s name, and making comments they never made, that’s despicable! The De Fino family is a very respectable and respectful family! The honorable and great Mayor De Fino served this town along with my Dad for many years. And despite the fact that my Dad ran against him in 84, Mayor De Fino still helped my Mom and sister after Daddy passed. May the Honorable Mayor Anthony M. De Fino rest in peace and I’m sure he has a special place in heaven for all he did for West New York. Back to Janimon 2.’s question, are you asking all male commissioners to wear suits to the commissioners’ meeting? Or just Mayor Roque? It’s really perplexing to me that everybody wants to lay their negative observations and complaints at the feet of the Honorable Dr. Mayor Felix E. Roque. He’s such a good man: an excellent Dr., Mayor, husband, and father. But he handles everything with such grace that I’m not worried or upset. I just wish I had the calm and grace he does. I think on a personal level I’ve learned to be more calm by following Mayor Roque’s example. It’s just despicable that people on this site have to use another person’s name and make comments that person never made. It’s also despicable that just because I’m a Roque supporter and people don’t agree with that they have to pick on my disability. Come on people how low do you have to get? What do you think that just because I’m blind I don’t have ideas in my head? Hello! Blindness affects the eyes and nothing else, It doesn’t impair my ability to think and have my own opinions. Get this clear people, I am now and will always be a Roque supporter simply because I agree with Mayor Roque’s ideas. And he’s the Mayor I want to continue in the town I grew up in and was raised. And so what I live in North Bergen, I spend my life in WNY. I just sleep in N.B. I don’t owe anyone any explanations as I’m the only one that pays my bills thanks to that town hall job you all question so much as to that I have it and live in North Bergen. Yes I do because again, that doesn’t impact how I do my job. Furthermore, no amount of negative comments on the internet will cause me to back down or change my mind. I am now and will always be a Roque supporter because I know this is the right thing to do in accordance with my own ideas and in my heart. John, I wish you’d share this on West New York Wakes Up so my position is clear to that group as well. Thank you.

  6. So here we are discussing taxes in WNY and someone’s worried about how our Honorable Dr. Mayor Roque dresses. How petty! What do you consider the Commissioners’ meeting a fashion runway the red carpet? What matters is the ideas that are discussed. FYI, I support Mayor Roque because I agree with his ideas. However, my family has known his since Cuba and all my family members compliment Dr. Roque on what a sharp dresser he is and how sharp he looks in a suit! Again, is this something you’re asking all the Commissioners to do Janimon 2. or just the Honorable Dr. Mayor Roque?