‘No respect, no profit!’ Trump, Kushner protesters rally in Jersey City


Over 100 Jersey City protesters wanted to send a message to President Donald Trump (R) and Jared Kushner (Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law) by chanting “No respect, no profit!” in front of 65 Trump Bay St. this afternoon.

The rally was organized by James Solomon and Evict Trump-Kushner, a group of community activists.

“We have a very simple message: If you attack our community, you should not be able to profit from our community. Obviously Donald Trump has attacked our community,” Solomon told Hudson County View.

“He lied about the Jersey City Muslim community celebrating 9/11. He attacked our immigrant community, our LGBTQ community.”

Kushner is responsible for the open retail space on 65 Bay Street as well as other potential developments in Journal square and the purpose of Evict Trump Kushner is to prevent the 19,000 square retail space from being rented, explained Solomon.

Jersey City P.S. 22 Principal Oscar Velez also shared a story about a mother who feared meeting with the school principal multiple times regarding her child’s classroom performance due to a fear of deportation.

Leading the crowd in a cheer, Velez exclaimed, “We will rise, we will speak, we will organize but we will not go away!”

Jersey City attorney Scott Welfel also echoed Solomon’s earlier remarks about preventing Trump and Kushner from profiting off of a community they feel the president is currently attacking.

Further, he also reminded those in attendance that 65 Trump Bay St., with 447 luxury apartment units, provides no lower incoming housing to Jersey City.

“We say no to one set of rules to Trump and a different set of rules for everyone else. We say no to kleptocracy. We say no to him using the government for his own profit. We have to stand here and to make sure that this retail space is not rented,” declared Welfel.

Evict Trump-Kushner is planning their next rally on Wednesday, March 8th in front of Jersey City City Hall.

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