Wefer launches 4th Ward council run, questions Occhipinti’s effectiveness


Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) Chairwoman Dana Wefer questioned 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti’s effectiveness as an elected official at her official council campaign launch on yesterday.


“I think that’s part of the problem. I am a 4th Ward resident and I don’t know Tim. I can walk around and see there are issues that are going unaddressed,” Wefer told Hudson County View.

Occhipinti previously told Hudson County View that he is “incredibly proud of his accomplishments,” which he said includes road repaving and improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety in his ward.

She her campaign will focus on stable city taxes, transportation and parking/development.

“When I walk around [the 4th Ward], the things I hear are the quality of life issues,” said Wefer, “but a lot of those issues fold into three broader issues.”

Wefer believes that county taxes are burdening the residents of Hoboken and has developed a three-point plan to hold the line on city taxes.

“To get cooperation from the county government to ensure that the equalization ratio is either implemented properly, or more likely than not, having to look at the re-evaluations of neighboring municipalities, and the third thing is to work with the state through our state legislatures using the position as a councilwoman to help lobby that.”

As a mother to be, she also shared her concerns about the recent incident at the Apple Montessori School after a teacher’s aide was caught on video and appeared to be roughing up a toddler.

Wefer also told Hudson County View that her candidacy would not affect her role as chairwoman of HHA and only plans to be a more effective advocate at the council level.

“I am absolutely 100 percent committed to make sure that politics doesn’t seep into the HHA. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable about my candidacy.”

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  1. Ditto. Beyond nasty, she held an unlawfully Public meeting as a henchperson for the Zimmer-Grossbard administration. Just what Hoboken needs another politician defiantly breaking laws for the benefit of the few.