Unclear who controls data collected by Mayor Fulop Quality of Life Survey


At the August 20th, 2014, Jersey City Council meeting, former Ward B City Council Candidate Esther Wintner questioned the Fulop Administration and Jersey City Council on issues surrounding Mayor Fulop’s quality of life survey.

After it was confirmed by David Donnelly that the survey is coordinated by Mayor Fulop’s election campaign fund, although he referred to it as a political action committee, Wintner questioned the promotion of the survey on the city’s website and whether the public would be able to access the data collected.

During a sit down interview with Hudson County View days after the council meeting, Council President Rolando Lavarro promised to look into the matter.

Hudson County View was able to obtain a survey that was sent via mail. On the mail piece, a disclaimer clearly states the survey is paid for by the Election Fund of Steven Fulop.

Unlike the mail piece, the city’s website which directs you to the survey, the actual survey hosted by surveymonkey.com, and an email sent from Mayor Fulop’s official city email, do not disclose that the quality of life survey is paid for by the Election Fund of Steven Fulop.

According to the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission, “all candidates and committees subject to the [New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act] are required to label all political communications with a political identification statement (“paid for by” language).” Furthermore, the political communication must clearly state who the committee, person or group that financed the communication is.

A representative for NJ ELEC could not comment on whether they are investigating the matter.

City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill did not return emails seeking comment regarding many of the issues originally raised by Wintner.

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  1. “City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill did not return emails seeking comment regarding…”

    This seems to be a common issue with Jennifer Morrill.

    Who is this person, why does she never seem to speak on issues of concern to Jersey City residents, and why is she currently employed by the City of Jersey City?