Uber express POOL launches in Hudson County, other parts of North Jersey


Uber express POOL, a new ride-share option that allows passenger to save money on their ride, has launched in Hudson County and other parts of North Jersey. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Uber Express POOL allows riders to wait a few minutes before their trips begin and then walk a short distance to a nearby spot for pick up and drop off.

This allows the app to find more optimal matches and provide better, straighter, faster routes with fewer detours, delivering an even more affordable and consistent option than the standard POOL option that was first introduced in 2014, Uber said in a news release.

“In keeping with #3 of the Shared Mobility Principles, the future of transportation in cities includes a shift towards more space-efficient modes of transportation and away from personal car ownership,” Zipcar Co-Founder Robin Chase said in a statement.

“Express POOL, in combination with public transit, cycling, carsharing and more, can help us get towards this shift, and I’m extremely excited about the potential impact this product can have on cities.”

App users will see Express POOL next to POOL in the app. Once requested, we’ll spend the next few minutes selecting the most compatible co-riders and a driver nearby, and the best spot for pickup within a few blocks of your location.

When the ride details are finalized, the passenger will be given walking directions and an estimated time of arrival so he/she knows when and where to meet the driver and co-riders.

Towards the end of each trip, Uber will choose a drop off spot, notify the rider and provide walking directions for the last few blocks to your final destination.

In addition to Hudson County, Uber Express POOL is now available in Newark, Elizabeth, and parts of Essex and Bergen Counties.

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