Team Bhalla slate puts out Hoboken open space plan with new resiliency park, contiguous waterfront


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s council-at-large put out their open space plan today, which includes adding a new resiliency park, realizing a contiguous waterfront, following through on a new pool and recreation center, and more.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“While significant progress has been made, it will be important to complete – once and for all – the final steps to realize a contiguous waterfront the whole community can enjoy,” Council-at-Large candidate Joe Quintero said in a statement.

“On the city council, Team Bhalla will continue to prioritize more parkland with flood resiliency, providing additional spaces for families to enjoy and combatting flooding at the same time.”

Bhalla added that it is important to see the Union Dry Dock and Monarch projects through.

City and state officials announced that they had come to terms with New York Waterway to acquire the UDD property for $18.5 million after years of public feuding, though the deal is not complete yet.

Meanwhile, the Monarch settlement was approved by the city council in May after another years-long effort, which allows the city to stay at their current Department of Public Works location through 2024, as well as acquiring 1.5 acres of open space at 800 Monroe St.

“We have taken major steps at preventing development of a refueling station on our waterfront at Monarch and Union Dry Dock, but the job hasn’t yet been completed,” the mayor said.

“In order to move forward on these two historic waterfront projects, it is critical that I have my team on the city council in Emily Jabbour, Jim Doyle and Joe Quintero. Council members Jabbour and Doyle have been there for me from day one of my administration on Union Dry Dock and Monarch, speaking out and voting in favor of both projects numerous times, and I know that I can count on Joe Quintero for his support when he’s in office.”

Furthermore, the trio calls for creating a resiliency park on Block 10 at the expanded Southwest Resiliency Park, which will include a playground and other “active amenities,” following through on a new pool and rec center linked to the Western Edge project, and creating more waterfront space on Sinatra Drive between 1st and 4th Streets.

The non-partisan Hoboken municipal elections, where 10 council-at-large candidates will vie for three seats, are on November 2nd.


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