Suez Water preparing to install 18 new fire hydrants they ordered last summer in Bayonne


Suez Water is preparing to install 18 new fire hydrants that ordered last summer in Bayonne, though one city council candidate thinks he moved the needle on this one.

Photo courtesy of Peter Franco.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Suez spokesman Chris Halleron said the hydrants have been on hand “for months, with long-existing plans in place to install them this spring.”

According to the Bayonne Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management, Suez ordered the hydrants in August and they are responsible for maintaining and stockpiling hydrants for when repairs and replacements are needed.

3rd Ward council candidate Peter Franco, who called for more accountability over Suez last week, said in a statement that he felt his remarks expedited the process.

“It seems Suez is listening to the Franco campaign. Behind a fence just feet from the base of the Bayonne Wind Turbine now sits several pallets of new fire hydrants,” he said.

” … It’s important for the people of Bayonne not only to understand the timeline for installation of these new fire hydrants, but also to understand the ongoing process to ensure that all future malfunctioning fire hydrants will be quickly replaced.”

Halleron declined to comment further, though repeated what he said last week about Suez’s commitment to Bayonne, which includes 99.4 percent fire hydrant functionality.

“Since coming on board as an operating partner here, SUEZ has repaired or replaced 278 of Bayonne’s 995 hydrants citywide–all part of our ongoing $157 million commitment to restore and revitalize Bayonne’s critical water infrastructure,” he reiterated.

“At present, 99.4% of the city’s hydrants are fully functional, with plans in place to work hand-in-hand with BFD on restoring the remaining few.”

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  1. Why not 100%?? All the dollars the residents pay for one of the Most important necessity to survive. Not just for health; – for one of the most important tools our Fire Service men and women need to save lives??? Make no sense that they are just sitting there on a pallet. Looking at the photo they look brand new to me. Not weather worn at all. Let’s get them installed! And more should be ordered to replace those that should be replaced. I am sure there are several.