UPDATED: SUEZ says no water boil advisory in Jersey City, still in effect in Hoboken


An additional water main break in a 36-inch valve continues to disrupt water service in Jersey City and Hoboken and may continue for several days.

Water main break

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Excavation of the site was completed overnight and highly specialized equipment will be used to conduct this repair,” the city said in a news release. “Repairing the valve is a complex procedure, due to its size and location underground, and could take several days.”

“As a result, the City of Hoboken will have lower water pressure than usual, and residents, especially those on higher floors, should expect to have lower water pressure, discolored water, or at times no water while repairs are ongoing and as water demand changes throughout the day.”

The discolored water is said to be occurring due to natural minerals in the water, as well as a buildup of “harmless sediment in the water mains.”

Repairs could stretch into the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, but continuous updates will be given through the process.

SUEZ Water North Jersey says there is no water boil advisory in Jersey City, recommending that residents let the water run until its clear, while it remains in effect in Hoboken more than 24 hours after a water main break yesterday morning.

Although water was restored throughout the majority of the Mile Square City at about 7:20 p.m. last night, some buildings remain without water.

About an hour ago, SUEZ Water North Jersey “strongly encouraged” water conservation in Hudson and Southern Bergen Counties while the main break is still being repaired.

“Please be advised that due to a main break that occurred in Hoboken yesterday, customers in Hudson County and southern Bergen county may experience lower than normal water pressure. These lower pressures may be expected during high demand periods, including early morning and dinnertime hours,” they wrote on their website.

“SUEZ emergency crews continue to make repairs and actively work to normalize the system throughout Bergen and Hudson Counties. We urge our customers to limit their water use for essential purposes only in order to maintain water pressure in the affected area for fire protection.”

Activities such as washing dishing and doing laundry are classified as non-critical “high demand water activities” as repairs continue.

Furthermore, although residents of the Jersey City Heights have been complaining about brown, discolored water, SUEZ says there is still not water boil advisory in Jersey City.

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Footage of the main break fro yesterday can be seen here:


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