Sources: Union City police captain frontrunner to become next undersheriff


Union City Police Capt. Nichelle Luster is currently the frontrunner to replace recently retired Hudson County Undersheriff Bruce Lamparello, sources told Hudson County View. 

Nichelle Luster

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Luster, who has been with the UCPD since July 1994, became the first female to in the department’s history to attain the rank of captain in March 2013.

As only Hudson County View has reported, Undersheriff Bruce Lamparello, who oversaw the court bureau, retired on November 24th.

Although Luster, a Middlesex County resident, would be taking a significant pay cut to take the job, she earned $205,765 last year while Lamparello took home $113,142 in 2016, according to public records.

However, she would have to retired from the UCPD to accept the position as undersheriff, allowing her to collect a pension and a salary at the same time: similar to the situation Lamparello was in.

Over the weekend, this publication was the first to reveal that state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack will be handpicking Lamparello’s replacement.

2018 looks to be a big year for the North Hudson power broker, as he is poised to takeover as HCDO chairman.

He also plans to install former Senate aide Mark Albiez, a Clifton resident who currently serves as Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s chief of staff, as the party’s next executive director.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office did not return inquiries seeking comment.

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  1. If Captain Luster started in 1994, wouldn’t she have to stay with UC until 2019 to make her 25 years that is required from the Police and Fire Retirement Service?…Oh let me guess aside from double-dipping and being a non county resident, she will likely use sick time for a year in order to meet the 25 year requirement…What a disgrace…Only in Hudson County!

    • Small fact Hank: 1) This is not an example of double dipping, to do that one would have to get paid from both jobs at the same time while working the same hours in two places.
      2) Pretty sure she is a US Army Veteran maybe you should look into how service credits can apply, before you spread nastiness about a situation you clearly know nothing about. Pretty sure she is well over her 25 years.

  2. Once again Brian Stack is picking an out of towner to represent Hudson County. What’s a matter there are no in county Hispanics who can fill the position. The department is already run by a Sucko puppet and now the number two will be a Stack puppet. This woman will do what ever she is told to do by Stack, Just ask Federal Agent Ricky Patel. Oh and by the way we will have another double dipper. $165.000 pension plus another $100,000 in new salary. I bet a car comes with the gig as well.

  3. So the one who illegally arrested a Federal ICE agent gets promoted? Oh wait she is all of a sudden going to the Sheriff because she’s is not going to be appointed chief of police in UCPD!!!!

  4. Jealousy is an amazing thing! Good luck Captain the position would be well deserved, I hope all works out as best as it possibly can, I don’t have time to entertain ignorance.

  5. The perfect selection for this new role. She is as bright as they come!! Nichelle will be an outstanding asset to any law enforcement department and will make Hudson County a safer place to live and raise a family. Everyone in law enforcement admires and respects her for her honesty, integrity and especially her guts. I’m 100% behind this choice!!

  6. Let’s not forget the domestic violence she had in Hoboken with her significant other who caught Luster and her side piece who’s also a police officer in Weehawken. Allegedly, a knife was pulled on who, idk but my understanding Mayor Zimmer told Stack to keep her out of Hoboken. As it was swept under the rug.