Singer Lauralie, a High Tech High School senior, incorporates classmates into latest music video


Lauralie Mufute, a singer and song writer who is a senior at High Tech High School, has incorporated several of her classmates into her latest music video.

“We are so proud to see our HCST students doing such wonderful creative work. At High Tech High School, and across all of HCST’s campuses, we strive to foster an environment in which students are able to pursue their creative passions, and develop the skills to excel,” said HCST Superintendent Amy Lin-Rodriguez.

“It is wonderful to see Lauralie, Jovy, Darius, Brogan, Ayele, and Sibel doing just that in this remarkable new video.”

The three-minute and 47-second music video for “No Fool” debuted last month for the 17-year-old Jersey City native, with a little help from her friends.

The video features junior Ayele Hyde, a dance major from Jersey City, senior Jovy Rose Mariano, a dance major from Bayonne, senior Brogan Donston, a dance major from Hoboken, freshman Sibel Gitonga, a dance major from Jersey City, and junior Darius Rush, a Tech & Visual Major from Jersey City.

Mufute, whose stage name is just “Lauralie,” says on her YouTube page that her style “walks the fine line between R&B and pop, infusing a subtle jazz-like undertone from time to time.”

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