Silvio Acosta may be leaving West New York DPW, pending vote on Wednesday


West New York’s controversial ex-deputy Mayor Silvio Acosta, who currently serves as the acting superintendent of the Department of Public Works, may be leaving the position soon based on a resolution in front of the board of commissioners tomorrow. 

Facebook photo.
Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

According to the agenda for Wednesday evening’s meeting in West New York, resolution number 25 says “authorizing search committee for DPW Supervisor.”

As only Hudson County View reported, a similar resolution was on the agenda for last month, but it was pulled after just a matter of minutes.

While the clerk’s office said a copy of the resolution was not yet available, sources tell Hudson County View that the measure will give an interim DPW superintendent a few months to get acclimated to the new gig before Acosta retires at the end of the year.

A lightning rod of controversy, Acosta helped the feds take down former Construction Code Official Franco Zanardelli and had building violations accrue to over half a million dollars (h/t The Jersey Journal).

Nevertheless, he has been a top ally of Mayor Felix Roque for years, even prior to him running for mayor in May 2011.

As Roque faces another indictment, the town of West New York is once again under the microscope as Business Administrator Matthew Watkins and spokesman Pablo Fonseca have planned their exit strategies from the administration.

Ousting Acosta would mean that Roque’s inner circle would no longer include anyone that helped him dethrone his predecessor, Sal Vega.

Many politicos believe that the latest housecleaning effort was masterminded by Town Attorney Donald Scarinci, who has been clashing with Acosta and Fonseca behind closed doors ever since the Team Roque victory on Election Day.

Resolution number 29 vaguely states “concerning funding for town attorney,” meaning that the in fighting probably won’t be over by Thursday morning.

Under the Walsh Act, which mandates the commissioner form of government, a resolution must be approved by a board majority in order to take effect – where at least three commissioners cast a yes vote.

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  1. It’s about time and I hope the board of commissioners do the right thing for the taxpayers of WNY vote in favor of the resolution . He has been abuseing town workers and people for years. This is long overdue

  2. Acosta=Cancer. Since Dr Roque himself won’t handle this problem, it’s time for the real mayor to step up and handle it. When it actually happens I will be on the long line of people waiting to shake Donald’s hand. Now keep it coming. Cause the list goes on and on.

    • Ummmmm, I think this story is about slippery Silvio. But here’s an idea. If you want to know how much money the firm made, opra it. While you are at it, make sure you opra Gil Garcia’s, Joe DeMarcos and Florio and Kenny. Then add them all up and put the blame where it’ belongs….. On Mayor Dr. Col. Felix Roque. Because as the mayor of our town, he is in charge. All the blame belongs to him and him alone. Four and a half years in, And he CANT get a handle on the mess? Please. He WONT get a handle on it because he is involved in all of it. So blame Donald. Blame Silvio. Blame the Virgin Mary tree if you want, but you know, like we all know, the blame is all on felix. Now that would make a good story.

      • Let’s not bounce around here, the subject is SILVIO . Under our form of government when the 5 commissioners vote on anything the majority rules. The mayor is not going to control whether or not Silvio stays., I just hope our commissioners act responsibly and vote to rid this town of this cancer tonight. He has cost the taxpayers millions in worngful discharge cases.

  3. If the new commissioners are anything like the last ones, Roque will continue to control everything that goes on in this town. The last group was a bunch of puppets who just blindly voted yes to everything Roque wanted. Wiley was his only opposition on the board.
    Maybe if we’re lucky, at least some of the new commissioners will do the job they were elected to do, and vote for what’s right for the people of this town, and not for what the mayor wants.
    Scarinci has been around for two years — what took him so long to get rid of the garbage? Oh, I know, he was busy getting Roque re-elected while being paid half a million $$ a year of taxpayers’ money.
    This town will never improve until we get a mayor who has both intelligence and principles. Roque has neither.

    • And while we’re at it, lets get a new town attorney — one who will not insist on being paid more money than the President of the United States!
      What a disgrace, and what a disgrace that Roque and Co. approved it.