SFC recommended Bayonne’s Dwayne Williams complete etiquette course, be placed on probation


The Super Football Conference Controversies Ethics Sportsmanship Committee recommended that former Bayonne High School Head Football Coach Dwayne Williams complete an etiquette course and be placed on probation due to a fight on the field in October.

Former Bayonne High School Head Football Coach Dwayne Williams. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The committee made their recommendations at their December 8th virtual meeting when they discussed the fight that broke out between the Bayonne and Barringer high school football teams on October 29th in the middle of the fourth quarter when Bayonne led 24-7.

“Bayonne players then decided to run around towards the bleachers waving goodbye to Barringer players and making obscene gestures. Both teams then headed under the bleachers which appeared to be meeting up for some kind of fisticuffs. I caught up with Coach Williams and implored him to get there, because a brawl was about to ensue,” David Hoffman, the administrator in charge at the game, told the SFC in a statement.

“His response to be was ‘that’s why I have 16 assistant coaches for.’ I got to the lock room area and instructed all the players and coaches to get in and stay in the home locker room, however, a lot of damage was done. Bayonne PD was already on the scene trying to retain order. Bayonne Players had Barringer helmets with them in the locker room. They kept trying to fight their way out but I also had a few security staff and police officers assisting me.”

According to Barringer Athletic Director Terrence Bogden, helmets were thrown back and forth after a brawl broke out and their school bus was pelted with objects by Bayonne students before they left Don Ahern Veterans Memorial Stadium.

“Bayonne takes responsibility for their players not walking up the hill to the HS after the game,” Bayonne Athletic Director Dr. Mike Pierson, who also told the committee that 11 security guards and four police officers were present at the game.

“The committee agreed and felt that overall Bayonne HS did a good job of being proactive and handling the situation swiftly and effectively,” a copy of the report, obtained through an Open Public Records Act request, says.

Their recommendations called for Bayonne to put a corrective action plan for security in effect by March 1st and both schools must address the actions of the players who engaged in the brawl on the field.

Furthermore, Williams and any other Bayonne coaches must enroll and complete the NFHS Coaches Modeling Course by March 1st, with Williams places on probation for the next scholastic year, prior to coaching at any SFC school in New Jersey.

The Bayonne High School Football team will also be placed on probation throughout 2022, with both schools asked to develop a “sportsmanship criterion” to present to the SFC by May 1st.

Bayonne will also bear the responsibility to pay for the costs of the football helmets that were lost and/or damaged.

The incident led to the Bayonne High School Football team’s season ending early, without the ability to participate in the playoffs following a decision by Superintendent of Schools John Niesz.

Last month, Williams and supporters took their grievances up with the city council last month prior to the board of education hiring Jerome Hayes to replace Williams days later.

The board informed Williams that they would not be renewing his contract back in December.

A copy of the SFC report and accompanying documents can be read here.

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