Amy DeGise stuns Stack, succeeds Prieto as new chair of the HCDO


Jersey City Board of Education Trustee Amy DeGise has stunned state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack, successfully being elected to Hudson County Democratic Organization chair tonight.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

In a hard fought battle that made politicos sweat until the bitter end, DeGise, the daughter of County Executive Tom DeGise, pulled off a major upset against Stack – who along with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced in March they would’t support the county exec in 2019.

While Fulop and Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla delivered respectable tallies out of their Democratic committees, the strength of Bayonne, West Hudson, Guttenberg, Secaucus – as well as the ability to carve some votes out of Jersey City – led to Amy DeGise’s big win.

DeGise won by a tally of 452 to 360 and Stack, Fulop and Bhalla, along with their committee members, immediately exited the school long before she gave her victory speech.

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  1. Let’s be honest Amy didn’t really do anything to win but be her fathers daughter.
    Then her father his political boss cronies did the rest so she can be their puppet.

  2. I am surprised to read the poor sportsmanship by Mayor Bhalla and my democratic committee members. Hoboken’s political scene has some bad losers/winners. I am not sure that I like what I have been seeing and reading about in Hoboken’s politics.

    • Ravi is a socially awkward nerd. Whoever told him he had what it takes to go places was not doing him any favors. The guy used politics to gain all his recent jobs. Two he still holds

  3. Supporting the most unpopular Governor in the history of NJ certainly didn’t help Stack. Supporting the Mayor who supported the most unpopular Governor in NJ history certainly won’t help Bhalla.

  4. Stack is a regional leader and will never be elected outside of Union city.
    Ravi Bhalla’s plan to flee Hoboken before he finishes his first term is unraveling faster than anyone expected. His secret deal with Union City to deliver Hoboken to Stack was supposed to guarantee him Annette Chaparro’s seat, but too bad, so sad… Ravi and his Democratic kiddie committee is toast.
    He couldn’t even get more than 29 people to vote for Stack.
    Making a deal with Russo and that taint will never ever wash off, just ask Beth Mason and her advisors that all surround Bhalla and hold seats at the table in his limited inner circle. Onto the referendum! Goodnight Ravi! Goodnight Russo! Goodnight Phil! Goodnight Allen! Goodnight James! Goodnight “Rache”! Goodnight Nora! Goodnight Stan!

    Greedy. Grimy. Gone.