Secaucus police chief wants go-go bar to lose license after another prostitution arrest


Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller is calling for AJ’s Go-Go Bar to lose their liquor license in light of the police department making another prostitution arrest.

AJ’s Go Go Nightclub and Sports Bar in Secaucus. Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

In April 2024, the Secaucus Police Department received a tip that prostitution is still ongoing at AJ’s Go-Go Bar, located at 201 Secaucus Road, Miller said in a statement.

During the week of June 10th, undercover police officers from the Secaucus Police Department’s Anti-Crime Unit were inside AJ’s Go-Go Bar investigating this complaint. An arrest was made after an undercover police officer was offered sexual favors in exchange for money.

These arrests follow nine separate arrests that were made at AJ’s on December 14, 2021 for charges ranging from promoting prostitution to distribution of cocaine after a six-month long investigation.

In addition, an additional three  separate arrests were made at AJ’s in November of 2022 for prostitution and drug offenses.

“The State Alcohol and Beverage Control Board continues to allow AJ’s operate, despite my
plea to them to revoke their license,” Miller added.

“I commend the efforts of our investigative personnel for their continued hard work, but I feel like my police department is working alone. The inaction of the State Alcohol Beverage Control Board continues to allow vice crimes to flourish at AJ’s.”

Dilcia Nunez Gomez, 36, of Bellville was charged with engaging in prostitution and promoting prostitution.

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