Secaucus BOE is biggest winner in Hudson County with state DOE aid up nearly 18%


The Secaucus Board of Education is the biggest local winner in light of the New Jersey Department of Education releasing their proposed state aid plan yesterday, with the district expected to see their state funding go up nearly 18 percent this year.

The Huber Street School in Secaucus. Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

While they don’t historically receive a ton of state aid, the Secaucus BOE’s funding should see an extra $333,274 for a total of $2,190,233: up a whopping 17.95 percent from last year.

Also seeing positive trends for 2020 are the Bayonne and Kearny Boards of Education.

The Bayonne school district’s budget is tentatively scheduled to include $72,675,683, a $7,175,720 increase, or about a 10.96 percent addition, from last year, according to figures provided by the NJ DOE.

Percentage wise, the Kearny BOE is not fair behind, likely to be bolstered by an extra $4,372,624 this year to bring their state aid up to $46,040,437 – up 10.49 percent from the 2019-2020 scholastic year.

Additionally, the public schools in North Hudson mostly faired well: Union City, North Bergen, and West New York should see increases of 3.74, 2.1, and 4.91 percent, data from the state shows.

However, Weehawken Public Schools took a hit, down $160,776, down 6.43 percent from last year.

In West Hudson, East Newark’s school district is projected to receive 5.36 percent more aid than in 2019, with Harrison’s to remain exactly the same.

While it has already been well-documented that the Jersey City BOE will be the biggest loser in Hudson, down a stunning $55,318,323 – which equates to about 14.57 percent (over $13 million more than what was anticipated), the Hoboken Public Schools look like they will also lose big.

The NJ DOE says that they’ll be down $849,359, a hefty 8.59 decrease from last year, bringing their total aid down to $8,641,569.

Multiple school district officials did not return inquiries seeking comment on Friday.

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  1. When it rains it pours. Looks like Hoboken will be facing a hefty school tax increase on top of the yuge city tax jump and whatever the County has in store.

    Sh*t happens and it doesn’t seem like local officials are to blame but it still sucks.