Sacco: I’m ‘incredibly disappointed’ in ruling delaying Obama’s executive order


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, also the state Senator of the District 32, says he is “incredibly disappointed” over a court ruling earlier this week that further delayed implementation of President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration. 

Nick Sacco

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Earlier this week, a federal court ruled against President Obama’s executive order that protects immigrant parents of American born children from being deported because they are undocumented,” Sacco said in a prepared statement.

“It is incredibly disappointing to see the President’s plan to protect these families continue to be delayed by the courts, but I continue to strongly support it and hope that it will be implemented as soon as possible.”

Sacco added that this court ruling (h/t The New York Times) will have a major negative impact on families in North Bergen, as well as Hudson County as a whole.

“As a result of this continued inaction thousands of families are being forced to live in fear that they might be broken up, including many right here in North Bergen and Hudson County, even though they have not committed any crimes and are by and large contributing positively to our society.”

Sacco and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop were two of the first elected officials in New Jersey to voice their support for the President’s executive order back when it was announced in November.

Despite the setback, Sacco concluded by stating that this isn’t going to change the way business is conducted in North Bergen.

Some of these immigrants are the fathers and mothers of our best students. North Bergen will continue to do whatever we can to aid our friends and neighbors living in these conditions and we are hopeful that they will finally be able to step out of the shadows soon.”


  1. Sorry Sacco, I guess these are voters and votes you’ll have to for. In the meantime, how about improving the schools, reducing crime and figuring out ways for children that live in our community, legally to have a chance to realize the american dream.

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