Sacco-Wainstein war spills into North Bergen Board of Education election


As North Bergen residents count down the minutes until the May 12 municipal election that pits Mayor Nick Sacco against business owner Larry Wainstein, members of Sacco’s re-election team hosted a press conference at North Bergen High School revealing the arrest record of Jose Canonico – a board of education candidate endorsed by Wainstein. 


Commissioners Hugo Cabrera and Alan Pascual were joined by Board of Education President Julio Marenco in denouncing Jose Canonico, who was one of the three BOE candidates Wainstein endorsed one week ago.

Cabrera and Marenco elaborated on the subject in one-on-one interviews with Hudson County View.

Canonico also defended himself on the police assault incident when speaking with Hudson County View, though he said that he could not recall exactly why he was arrested in 2006.

Canonico added that he has no plans of dropping out of the race and also plans on taking the matter to court if he is unable to serve due to his arrest record.

According to public legal records, Canonico pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault on December 3, 1986 and faced two years of probation.

Furthermore, according to New Jersey statues for the board of education, a member will be disqualified from serving if convicted of a serious crime – which includes aggravated assault.

Before we called it a day, Canonico got into it with Sacco campaign manager Paul Swibinski.

The North Bergen Board of Education election takes place on Tuesday, April 21.

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  1. He didn’t remember why he was arrested? Do everyone a favor Jose Canonico and jump off a highrise. What did you think you wouldn’t get caught? What baffoon. I guess you didn’t know you couldn’t serve with a assault conviction either huh? Dope.