Robert Farley, Jr. sworn in as new North Bergen police chief


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco swore in Robert Farley, Jr. as the new township police chief at their recreation center this afternoon.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

“In the 100-plus years we have had 10 chiefs of police. Today, we will be naming the 11th,” Deputy Chief David Corbisiero explained.

He noted officers need a good support system.

“You’re working weekends, you’re working holidays. It takes a rough toll on the family.”

He praised Farley’s wife, Jackie, for supporting him.

“You’re always on his mind,” Corbisiero said.

He noted Farley’s father and grandfather were North Bergen deputy police chiefs.

“We’re a civil service town. He had to earn what he had,” Corbisiero added.

He praised Robert Farley Sr., who passed in 2017 and enjoyed working with his son.

Corbisiero noted they both graduated from the police academy together and worked very closely throughout their careers.

“We all figured he’d have a nice cushy position someday. But nothing ever came easy to Rob Farley. We both found ourselves walking the beat on Broadway with six inches of snow and sub-zero temperatures. Now, we don’t do that no more. We can’t have the kids walking in 40-degree weather. 30 years ago, it was different,” he recalled.

Even as they became sergeants, they often went on patrol together.

“Nothing ever came easy. He dealt with some of the most horrific accidents this town has ever seen. Not only did he have to see them, but he had to reconstruct them,” Corbisiero added.

“What a great day,” Public Safety Commissioner Allen Pascual began.

He noted Farley worked hard to become the department’s top cop.

“You have some big shoes to fill. Every chief brought something new to the township of North Bergen. This police department has continued to grow in so many ways. It’s no longer policing as it was 27 years ago when you walked down the street and knocked someone’s skull in, right? It’s evolved,” he stated.

“It evolved with the community, it evolves with the needs, it evolves with technology. Continue with what we have, and let’s grow. Congratulations.”

“We’ve had five chiefs since I’ve been the mayor,” Sacco noted.

He praised Farley’s predecessors, recalling an unexpected moment with former Chief William Galvin, Jr.

“A person came running up 74th Street and said ‘this other person is trying to stab me’ and Chief Glavin lept into action, wrestled him to the ground, took the weapon. I saw police work in action. Today, you would be sued for violating their civil rights … and you would have no pension,” he stated to laughter.

“He has done a great job. He has great morale. I’m really proud to be the mayor swearing you in a short time. God bless each and every one of you.”

Sacco then swore Farley in with his wife and daughter by his side.

“Mayor, thank you so much. Commissioner Pascual, thank you so much. I am humbled and honored. I am very happy to be here,” the new chief began.

“Although we have community policing, my vision is to run with it. I believe North Bergen is a community-oriented town. It has worked for me over the last 26 and a half years. Thank you guys for being here.”

Farley has been a North Bergen police officer since 1997, earning the rank of deputy chief in September 2020.

The previous chief, Peter Fasilis, retired yesterday after 26 years of service.

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