Report: NJ Transit challenging mobster’s family for $8.1 million of North Hudson land


NJ Transit is investing at least another $150,000 to challenge a court ruling that awarded the family of Carmine Franco, an alleged member of the Genovese crime family, $8.1 million of prime real estate located in parts of Hoboken, Weehawken and Union City, according to a report. 

Carmine Franco being arrested by the FBI on January 16, 2013. Photo by Jason Siegel/New York Daily News.
Carmine Franco being arrested by the FBI on January 16, 2013. Photo by Jason Siegel/New York Daily News.

By John Heinis/ Hudson County View

Franco, who was one of 32 individuals arrested in a garbage disposal racketeering scheme last January (pleading guilty in November 2013), owned a 1.89 acre of land in North Hudson, which he has since deeded to his wife and sister-in-law, The Record reported yesterday.

Although the area is essentially just weeds and broken concrete, the property’s prime location was going to be used as part of Governor Chris Christie’s ARC Tunnel project. In the meantime, NJ Transit sued for condemnation in December 2009 and offered the Franco family $990,00 for it, court documents show.

After the ARC Tunnel project was cancelled in mid-2010, the property received little attention, but the value skyrocketed due to luxury condominiums and apartments, as well as NJ Light Rail trains, being built in the surrounding area.

Ever since a Hudson County Superior Court jury ruled that NJ Transit should pay the Franco family $8.1 million,  NJ Transit has spent $2 million on legal fees over various property disputes and has also found that a private contractor cleanup of the Franco property could cost another $2 million, The Record reported.

Through court papers, NJ Transit is adamant that the Franco family should have the responsibility of cleaning up the property.

Franco has also been convicted of mob-related schemes in the 1980’s and 1990’s and is not allowed to participate in the New Jersey waste hauling industry – which is also true in certain portions of New York.

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