Hoboken communications manager, dir. of community development leaving City Hall


In a bit of a surprise announcement, two department heads from Hoboken City Hall will be leaving in the coming weeks, with their replacements to be determined before the new year. 

Hoboken Communications Manager Santiago Melli-Huber and Director of Community Development Brandy Forbes are leaving City Hall in the next few weeks. Photos via Twitter and LinkedIn.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The City of Hoboken is announcing the departure of the Director of Community Development Brandy Forbes and Communications Manager Santiago Melli-Huber.

Forbes’ last day in City Hall will be December 7th and Melli-Huber’s last day will be December 14th, according to Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s Deputy Chief of Staff Jason Freeman.

“I greatly appreciate the service to our Mile Square that both Santiago and Brandy demonstrated during their tenure working for the City,” Bhalla said in a statement.

“I wish them well on their next endeavor and in their professional careers.”

Replacements for both positions will be announced before the New Year, officials said.

Forbes was one of the first major hires under former Mayor Dawn Zimmer, when she was still acting mayor, back in September 2009.

Meanwhile, Melli-Huber was a relatively new hire who began working for Bhalla’s administration in March of this year. A former news reporter, he is also the younger brother of his predecessor, Juan Melli.


Correction: The City of Hoboken has clarified that Santiago Melli-Huber’s last day will be on December 14th, not November 30th. 

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  1. Santiago and Brandi are great people who did great work for Hoboken. We owe them a big debt of gratitude. The City will be hard pressed to find replacements who can match their skills and dedication.

    • Vijay and Stan will come back before Defusco’s shilling for oversized development next to the 4th ward for a campaign contributor gets mentioned on my personal blog.

      Vijay and Stan will come back before Defusco’s massive pay for play violations get mentioned on my personal blog.

      My personal blog will accuse Bhalla’s campaign of producing the terror flyer 100 times before I ask the chief of police about the “ravimobile” once.

      I love my personal blog. Tiffany Square View. All the news that fits my narrative.

      • Nancy can you explain your mentally challenged comment? It’s obvious Horse at MSV has you messed up in the head or maybe with Ravi’s big development dealing, it’s too much. It must be upsetting the Horse and others were right all along and you’ve been proven wrong about Ravi, Hoboken’s dope store pusher.

  2. Mayor Bhalla should take the opportunity this Thanksgiving to give thanks that his political opponents are such doofuses. Sadly, while the doofiness of the Mayor’s opponents is certainly a popitical gift to the Mayor, it is unfortunate for Hoboken.

  3. YES! My Hero Horse cracked the terror flyer case months ago. He has proof! But the lazy corrupt Chief – Chief “Stasi” Ferrante is the sworn enemy of My Hero Horse. He has done everything to sweep this EASILY SOLVED case under the rug even after My Hero Horse has presented evidence to him. That is why My Hero Horse rightly calls the chief STASI! Corrupt secret police chief! That’s what he is!

    And now My Hero Horse caught the corrupt chief in another bald faced LIE when the chief claimed that the Ravimobile belongs to the PD. But My Hero Horse PROVED Ravi bought it for himself with taxpayer money.

    More lies and incompetence from Chief “Stasi” Ferrante! Fire the LYING Chief “Stasi” Ferrante now and replace him with My Hero Horse!

  4. Ravi will being giving big thanks to Nick Sacco. Yes, that Nick Sacco:

    Dawn Zimmer would never have traded on Hoboken like it’s a two bit whore.

    Ravi & Sacco best buds now after Ravi stabbed Jim Doyle in the back (again) and ditched the resolution against the North Bergen power plant. Wonder what Ravi gets? Lots of ‘good stuff!’
    No doubt!

    • Nice try but what’s Ravi got to do with any of this? Sacco and his pal “Joey” supported DeFusco for mayor. Word on the street is he will hand off the reigns to Joey in a couple of years. Will new boss Joey stick with DeFusco or switch to Ramos? That’s the big question in 2021.