Prieto, Sacco, Turner weigh in on West New York Mayor Roque’s indictment


Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), North Bergen Mayor/state Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) and Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner weighed in on West New York Mayor Felix Roque’s indictment alleging that he took $250,000 in cash bribes and other kickbacks. 


“Well, an indictment is what it is: it’s charges, there’s a long way to go before there’s a conviction and he has his day in court and I wish him well,” Sacco said outside of FL Williams Public School No. 7 in Jersey City, minutes after the Hudson County Democratic Organization elected new officers.

Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, a former business administrator in West New York, took a similar tone when addressing Roque’s latest legal woes.

“Every time an elected official is indicted, it’s always disturbing, but remember again, these are accusations and Mayor Roque will have his day in court … And I’m confident everything will come out to the benefit of the town of West New York.”

Prieto, a childhood friend of Roque, expressed a feeling of surprise when addressing the charges Roque currently faces, also emphasizing “innocent until proven guilty.”

While Roque has yet to directly discuss his indictment issued by the state Attorney General’s Office, an attorney representing him in the matter called the allegations “ridiculously false charges.”

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  1. >>> ” Mayor Roque will have his day in court … And I’m confident everything will come out to the benefit of the town of West New York.” >>>

    Lol. That’s a loaded statement, Mayor Turner.
    Funny, these guys are all pretty subdued in their “support” for Roque. I wonder why.

    It’s a real shame that a honorable guy such as Roque keeps getting indicted, first by the Feds and now by the state.

  2. I hope Turner is right. West New York will certainly benefit from the departure of Roque. Too bad he won’t be taking the rest of this clown car with him.

  3. It’s true Roque is not the best for W N Y but I’ll take Roque Before Wiley anytime. Wiles comes from a family of crooks..If Mr. BETANCOURT would of run with another team he would have Won. Wiley. Is evil.

  4. Hey Roque watch Vinny’s face very carefully. He is about to bust out in laughter from the joy he feels having his chief of staff Cosmo take your place. The Speaker of The NJ Assembly is all powerful and is heavily involved in the appointment of The NJ Attorney General. Roque gotta ask yourself if those who pushed Cosmo on you had an inside track and knew these charges were in the works. Looks like the wool was pulled over your eyes again Mr. Mayor! Idiot!