N.J. AG investigator: James Wiley wore a wire as part of North Bergen DPW probe


A civil investigator for the state Attorney General’s Office testified in Hudson County Superior Court that former North Bergen Department of Public Works Superintendent James Wiley wore a wire as part of their probe into the department. 


When Paul Faugno – the lawyer representing Francis Longo – was cross-examining Joseph Salvatore, a civil investigator for the state Attorney General’s Office, he referred to his “North Bergen power hierarchy chart” to try to uncover who the true target, or targets, of this investigation.

“Are you aware that Mr. Wiley, when he wore a wire, had to get authorization from the court to wear the wire, are you aware of that?” Faugno asked Salvatore. “Yes sir,” Salvatore answered.

“That stands to reason: you have to go and ask the court for permission for, not the court, but you’re getting authorization from law enforcement to do what’s called the ‘conceptual intercept,’ correct?” Faugno questioned.

“I think that’s done within our agency, I think,” Salvatore replied.

Salvatore later said that he had no knowledge on whether or not North Bergen Mayor/state Senator (D-32) Nick Sacco was the ultimate target of the N.J. AG’s Office.

“Well let me ask you the question: do you know whether Nicholas Sacco, the mayor of North Bergen, state senator, is a target of this continued investigation? Do you know or don’t you?” Faugno inquired.

“No, I don’t know,” Salvatore stated succinctly.

Wiley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit official misconduct back on Sept. 11, 2012, while North Bergen DPW Supervisors Troy Bunero and Francis Longo currently stand trial for allegedly performing personal chores and working political campaign while on township time.

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