Powerful testimonies as Jersey City residents, activists march for peace


Hudson County View documented a Jersey City mother whose son was murdered near city hall, a recent survivor of gun violence, and several anti-violence activists speaking during a peace march from Arlington Park down Martin Luther King Jr Drive.

(rough cuts, no narration)


  1. No Congressman for Jersey City is the problem.

    Albio Sires back in Florida again. People wake up Albio Sires is a Fidel Castro lackey and is beating the system for his and his famly’s/Friends own gain.

    Wake up JC and elect a Congressman!

  2. I been a dj for over 30 years”’ no one touches my equitment””its like one of my kids”..but what im trying to say””’if for 1 month …nobody gets shot or killed… I will give free dj lessions to all children from the ages o 7 to 21;;; I praying that music can be the answer””the kids will love it;; other djs need to get involed also please stop the killing”thank you

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