Poll: Which Hoboken mayoral candidate gave the best live interview?


Since mid-August, Hudson County View has done a live interview with four of the six Hoboken mayoral candidates on the November 7th ballot. Who do you think did the best job? Hoboken live

Freeholder Anthony Romano


Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla


Council President Jen Giattino


1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco


Special shout to Hudson County View videographer Marc Bussanich, also the owner of Buss Reports, who makes our live segments possible.

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  1. Anthony Romano is definitely not good for Hoboken. He is only going to bring in Newark to Hoboken just like his campaign manager did in West New York. and He has that Rodent from West New York helping him Hoboken also a current board member that doesn’t show up to meetings and missed Graduation for Elementary and High School kids great work.

    • Hudco player Ant’ny Romano has been sticking it to the taxpayers for years…. taking an affordable apartment from the needy!

      Stick makes more in his bar in one night than he pays in rent

      • Hoboken is stuck with ginormous taxes because of Hudson County.

        Almost as ginormous as the Ravi Bhalla campaign efforts to gin up this poll. He had low double digits and then saw four hundred votes midday.

        Yeah, right.

  2. How about Ravi not remembering the “Short Notice”
    “It was all a blur… ”

    Sorry but it’s answers like this why Ravi has that Aura of “Shady” and not the reasons his campaign is trying to blame on people’s prejudices.
    Especially a city that elected him TWICE
    His poll numbers are dropping because of his lust for patronage and higher office
    He’s shady because he’s a hack
    People would be skeptical if his name was Thurston Howell the 3rd

  3. City Council President Jen Giattino is clearly the best of the four in the interviews. She pretty much showed why she’s so respected on the City Council and in the Hoboken community. She needs to get her campaign out to more of Hoboken but these numbers in the high 30% range are clearly impressive.

    Ravi Bhalla’s numbers show him slumping. Did that come before or after he said he can’t recall the back room deal birthing his mayoral candidacy? People have seen that act before and the strong arm divisive tactics aren’t working.

    The rest are not impressive. DeFusco no one trusts for good reason and Romano has a freeholder record. Hoboken sees it with a humongous county tax bill. Ouch.

  4. Look, a Ravi campaign operative is sharing their secret ingredient. This afternoon Ravi Bhalla has seen hundreds of votes appearing quite literally.
    He went from low double digits and padded four hundred in only a few hours this afternoon.

    Unlike Jen Giattino, who’s votes are easily less than her YouTube video interview.

    Ravi Bhalla’s campaign forgot to at least have the YouTube video going too. So now his votes have increased but his video was seen only 150 times.

    Oh well, I’m sure they’ll get that fixed in the overnight. Time to brew the coffee!

    • Hey Karen, I answered this question when we spoke the other day. I don’t think it made sense to interview all the candidates in succession, given that we cover the whole county and there are municipal races right next door in Jersey City as well.