CarePoint teaming with AblePay in effort to reduce out-of-pocket patient expenses


CarePoint Health is teaming with AblePay Health in an effort to reduce out-of-pocket patient expenses, hospital officials said this week.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“AblePay is the next generation of patient financial engagement. Their solution not only simplifies the collection process for providers but also offers flexible payment options for patients, ultimately improving the overall healthcare experience,” CarePoint President and CEO Dr. Achintya Moulick said in a statement.

AblePay’s platform removes providers from the collection process and the implementation of this solution is seamless and hassle-free, ensuring prompt payment to providers.

Patients, on the other hand, benefit from the convenience of flexible payment options, making it easier for them to manage their medical expenses.

By partnering with AblePay Health, CarePoint Health aims to shorten receivable times, reduce expenses, and ultimately enhance the financial well-being of both patients and providers.

The move comes a little under a month after The Record reported that a woman finally resolved a $225,187 after six years, with the fee being waived after the hospital was contacted for comment, the newspaper wrote.

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