Poll: After new lawsuit, is Jersey City HEDC next in line to get new director?


After a Jersey City employee filed a lawsuit in Hudson County Superior Court alleging that Jersey City Housing, Economic Development and Commerce Director Anthony Cruz created a hostile work environment, is he the latest city official to be ousted from his post? 

Photo via CityofJerseyCity.com.
Photo via CityofJerseyCity.com.


According to the 16-page lawsuit filed by attorney Peter Cresci on November 9 behalf of Daniel Wrieden, who is openly gay, Cruz “created, tolerated and allowed an environment of hostility” by using vulgarity and homophobic slurs.

Specifically, Wrieden alleges that Cruz regularly referred to him as “Dan Weirdo,” “that ****ing weirdo” and a “****head” in front of colleagues and/or patrons.

It is also alleged that Wrieden was retaliated against for speaking out against developers and builders that Cruz “had a certain relationship with” and that complaints were ignored when he presented them to the City of Jersey City.

Ryan Strother, the former Jersey City recreation director, was terminated late this summer for allegedly hiring a sex offender and then refusing to fire him after learning about his criminal history.

Additionally, longtime Jersey City Incinerator Authority CEO/Executive Director Oren Dabney resigned in August, to the dismay of some residents who felt he was “forced out” of the position.

Like the HEDC, the JCIA is an autonomous agency, though it will officially be part of the Jersey City Department of Public Works starting next year.