Police: Two Hoboken men arrested for cursing out cops outside of bar


Two Hoboken men were arrested for using derogatory and racially charged language after they were approached by police after exiting the Hoboken Bar & Grill early Sunday morning, authorities said. 

Hoboken police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On Saturday morning at 2:25 a.m., police officers noticed a large crowd exiting Hoboken Bar and Grill. One male, later identified as Desmond Bates, was screaming extremely loud, according to Police Lt. Brian Brereton.

At that point, Det. Arturo Gonzalez approached him and asked him to stop screaming. Bates responded by using derogatory language filled with expletives and racial remarks, police said.

He was challenging the officers on scene and threatening them if they attempted to
arrest him. Gonzalez advised Bates to keep orderly and move on, but he kept yelling, causing a second man to join him. They both continued to yell and challenge the officers on scene, authorities said.

The second male was later identified as Jonathan Garcia.  This prompted Gonzalez to call for backup and when Bates realized this, he began to yell towards Gonzalez again challenging his effort to maintain a safe scene, officials said.

At this time, Detectives Mario Novo and Josh Velez arrived between McDonalds and Hoboken Bar and Grill.

Once there, Gonzalez approached Bates and requested his ID, but Bates responded by cursing at him and attempting to walk away, authorities said.

Gonzalez was attempted to arrest Bates for his violent, threatening conduct after he refused to provide ID, but when he was advised he was under arrest, Bates resisted by refusing to provide his hands while holding onto a traffic device on the corner of 3rd and Washington Streets, police said.

It took several detectives to safely place Bates in handcuffs so he could be transported to headquarters. While this was happening Garcia continued screaming, after being told to stop and leave, officials said.

Prior to being arrested, he approached officers swinging his arms around while refusing to leave the area. Garcia was also placed under arrest for his behavior, and like Bates, refused to provide his hands so he could be safely handcuffed, authorities said.

Despite resisting arrest he was safely handcuffed and transported to headquarters.

Both were charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of law and resisting arrest, while Garcia was arrested a second time after causing another scene with officers outside of headquarters after being released, police said.

The second incident, which led to officers falling to the ground as they tried to handcuff Garcia, led to him being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest again, officials said.

This was the second time in 24 hours where bar patrons from Hoboken Bar & Grill were arrested, the former occurring early Saturday morning as the result a 40-person brawl where two officers were injured.

No officers were injured as a result of the disorderly conduct incident, authorities said.

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