Hoboken Police Dept. seeking public’s help to ID men from 3 Israeli flag thefts


The Hoboken Police Department is seeking the public’s help to identify the men who stole the Israeli flag outside City Hall three times between October and December.

Photos courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On October 20th, at approximately 9:55 p.m., two men stopped in front of City Hall. One stopped directly in front of the flag post, believed to be acting as a look-out, according to Hoboken public safety spokeswoman Marci Rubin.

The second man, wearing a black colored jacket with hood, light colored jeans, and a black colored face mask climbed up onto the ledge and pulled the Israeli flag off its post. Both men fled the area in a black Lincoln SUV.

Hoboken police had previously publicized this incident.

Five weeks later, on November 27th, at approximately 3:40 p.m., a man walked up to the flagpole, took the flag down breaking two carabiners which were securing the flag, and ran off.

Finally, on December 13th, at approximately 2:25 a.m., a man in a white shirt, jeans, and white shoes ran towards the flagpole, climbed it, took the flag down, and jumped to the ground.

A second man wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and white shoes was with him. Both men ran from the scene toward the intersection of Newark and Washington Streets.

When they saw a Hoboken police patrol car nearby, they dropped the flag and ran off.

Anyone with any information, including photographic or video evidence, is asked to contact Det. John Quinones at (201) 420-2100 ext. 3182 or Quinonesj@hobokenpdnj.gov.

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  1. Honestly, I’m much more bothered by the fact that it was flying in the first place.
    The administration -elected to serve The People of Hoboken- has no right choosing a side for an entire community in this horror.
    The irony of Bhalla making all this noise about inclusivity while making it clear that he believes that some folks are more welcome and safe here than others…