Police: Muslim Secaucus woman says 2 men told her to ‘go to hell’ and ‘eat pork’


A 24-year-old Muslim woman from Secaucus told police that two men intimidated and harassed her by shouting derogatory religious remarks, telling her to “go to hell,” “go back to your country” and “eat pork,” police said. 

Photo via Secaucusnj.gov.
Photo via Secaucusnj.gov.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Carey Guillaume, 58, and Anthony Rosso, 64, both from Secaucus, were charged with bias intimidation and harassment on Thursday afternoon, according to Police Det. Sgt. Michael Torres.

On December 10 at 3:31p.m., in the area of 146 Front St., police responded on a report of verbal harassment where the 24-year-old female stated that two males were shouting religious derogatory statements at her as she was walking, authorities said.

The women said she felt their purpose was to intimidate her over her religion based on some of their remarks, including “go to hell,” “go back to your country” and “eat pork,” Torres told Hudson County View over the phone.

As a result, the woman signed complaints charging Guillaume and Rosso with bias Intimidation and harassment. Probable cause was found and both men were later arrested, processed, and served, officials said.

The two men both posted their $2,500 bail with a 10 percent option after being processed, authorities said.

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  1. This old men act like there 10 years old. I wonder if Carey is the father of the dude with the same name in Secaucus that got caught with child porn about 10 years ago. Should have been watching you kid instead of acting like one.

  2. Thank You Secaucus police force for taking this serious. I’m sure there’s much more being done and said to Muslims that is not being reported but as more reports come in and people are actually getting arrested and complaints are being filed against them people will think twice to make such statements!! There is no room in this world for anyone to be racist, a bigot, or hateful.

  3. The fact that these two knuckleheads did something offensive by community standards does not mean that they are guilty of violating any law. Unless the plaintiff can prove that they were actually presenting a true physical threat to her there is no case here. Unless they actually got in her face or prevented her from retreat there is no crime. No law was broken. The individuals have a first amendment right to express their opinion about Islam. The first amendment protects all speech, even rude and hateful speech. So long as they were not advocating any sort of violence against her they did not commit a crime under law. Simply hurting the feelings of someone is not a crime punishable under law. And if the town does anything more than offer political commentary such as we will not put up with such behavior the town might very well find itself named in a counter suit by these two rude idiots. Unless these two stupid’s are so dumb that they do not retain qualified legal consul. Unless it can be proven that they posed a true physical threat, they will walk.