200 Bayonne teachers continue contract fight with Davis by picketing City Hall


Around 200 Bayonne teachers marched from their headquarters on 497 Broadway to City Hall, located at 630 Avenue C, in the latest chapter of their ongoing feud with Mayor Jimmy Davis over their contract.


Davis penned a letter to Board of Education President William Lawson on November 30th, urging the entity to approve a retroactive contract agreement with the Bayonne Teachers Association – effective July 1, 2015.

However, BTA President Alan D’Angelo deemed the gesture “an insult,” since the teacher’s union is looking for a four-year contract, also accusing the mayor of “union-busting” for publicly putting out a recommendation in the midst of negotiations.

D’Angelo, equipped with a megaphone, again went after Davis in front of City Hall at around 4 p.m. today.

“If he’s not in negotiations, he should stay out of the paper and keep his mouth shut!,” D’angelo exclaimed at one point.

“However, let me let you know: I spent most of last summer and before that, in his office and in the conference room, negotiating with the mayor and [Business Administrator Joe] DeMarco. So I don’t know how he can say he doesn’t play a part in it. Everything goes through City Hall in Bayonne.”

No one was available for comment in Davis’ office after the protest concluded, but he previously laid out his position in a prepared statement, which partially says:

“The people of Bayonne overwhelmingly agreed with this idea and voted to establish an elected school board independent of City Hall and City operations.”

“Therefore, a march on City Hall, while I’m sure makes for a good headline, is just that… An attention grabbing tactic that is used to distract the membership of the BTA and the general public from the facts.”

“Mr. D’Angelo’s efforts would be better spent pressing the newly elected School Board for a contract agreement, not City Hall.” Lawson also could not be reached at his office late Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Good for all you idiots you voted this guy in and now he is sticking it to you all d angelo your more of a piece of garbage for telling your teachers vote this guy in he will gives us a 15% raise I hope you all get s***.

  2. Over the past 5 years or more that everyone has continually heard about a contract, the union president is the only common denominator…may they should a re election. Mayor after mayor seems to try and help and it seems like who ever trys to help is never good enough…and the city wants more housing…more kids….more teachers, more cops, more firemen…..re do all the contracts…taxpayers cant afford it