Police: Man punches female Walmart worker in the face, busted with handgun, in Bayonne


A man punched a female Walmart worker in the face and was also busted with a loaded handgun in Bayonne yesterday, police said.

Bayonne Walmart. Photo via Cameronllc.com.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Sayier Price, 18, of Jersey City, was charged with obstructing a governmental function, possession of prohibited bullets, possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to Police Capt. Eric Amato.

Price was taken into custody at about 2:22  p.m. from the area of Walmart, located at 500 Bayonne Crossing Way). Officers responded to the area on an anonymous report of a man threatening to shoot another individual during a dispute inside the store.

A description of him was broadcast to all units and as officers arrived, they observed two men fleeing the store, one of whom matched the broadcast description. The two men separated as they ran through the parking lot, disregarding officers’ commands to stop.

Officers were able to pursue one of the men, later identified as Price, and take him into custody. A search incident to arrest led to the recovery of a loaded semi-automatic handgun.

The firearm was loaded with three hollow-point bullets and six full-metal jacket bullets. The other individual was not apprehended.

According to a woman who works at the Walmart, Price and an accomplice started a dispute with another customer while inside the store.

As she and another employee attempted to interrupt the dispute, the unknown actor spit in her face and punched her in the face and chest.

The two men then fled the store, as did the other involved party, who was reportedly threatened with being shot by Price. The victim of the threat could not be located or identified by police and no injuries were reported, authorities said.

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