Police: Jersey City woman kicks Hoboken cop after being charged with DWI


A Jersey City woman kicked a Hoboken police officer after being charged and detained for driving while intoxicated over the weekend, authorities said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Meghan Gorman, 40, of Jersey City, was charged with driving while intoxicated, DWI in a school zone, refusal to submit to breathalyzer, aggravated assault, obstruction of justice, and reckless driving, according to Police Det. Lt. Edgardo Cruz.

While Officers Tyrone Huggins and Jonathan Figueroa were tending to another call in the area of 111 Newark St., they were called to a 2005 BMW by a Hoboken firefighter who explained a driver, Gorman, may be intoxicated.

As the officers approached her, Huggins was able to detect the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. He also observed her eyes to be glassy and her speech slurred, police said.

Officers Dominick Allegretta and Chris Barral arrived to assist with the Field Sobriety Test. As they attempted to perform the test, the driver fled the scene. Gorman was stopped a short distance away and placed under arrest.

The officers placed the driver in the radio car and transported her to headquarters for processing.

As they attempted to assist her out of the vehicle, they noticed she attempted to free herself from the handcuffs and then kicked Huggins repeatedly, striking him in the leg and chest, officials said.

She was safely taken out of the vehicle and walked into headquarters. Inside, she refused to provide a breath sample and due to her erratic behavior a Field Sobriety Test was not performed, police said.

According to authorities, after processing she was given several motor vehicle summons along with a summons complaint for the criminal offenses and she was released to a responsible party.

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  1. What, no nutty conspiracy theories about how Mayor Bhalla directed her to kick the cops? I mean hey, why not, it’s no more implausible than anything else they post here, LOL!