Police: Hoboken man arrested for eluding authorities while driving in a stolen vehicle


A Hoboken man was arrested for eluding authorities while driving in a stolen vehicle early Tuesday evening, police said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Randy Barrett, 19, of Hoboken, has been charged with eluding and two counts of receiving stolen property.

Shortly after 5:20 p.m. on Tuesday, Officers Tyrone Huggins and Joseph Lupo were on patrol in the area of 2nd and Monroe Streets. According to the officers they observed a vehicle fail to stop prior to entering the intersection.

Based on this, they provided dispatch with the license plate then attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop. The vehicle in question was reported stolen out of Jersey City and the vehicle sped away when the officers attempted to pull it over.

The officers did not pursue this vehicle. Shortly after this encounter, the same officers saw the vehicle parking in the area of 5th and Madison Streets.

The officers were able to safely stop and identify the driver as Barrett after he exited the vehicle. He was placed under arrest for eluding and possession of a stolen vehicle.

The vehicle was reported stolen in Jersey City on March 14, and according to the Jersey City Police Department, the keys were left in the vehicle.

Once at headquarters, Detectives Adam Colon and Fabian Quinones reviewed an incident involving a recovered stolen vehicle in the area of 6th and Harrison Streets on January 25th.

Through their investigation, they identified Barrett as being in possession of that stolen vehicle prior to abandoning it. As a result, he was charged with an additional receiving stolen property charge based on that incident.

Both complaints were placed on a warrant and after the arrest process was complete, he was transported to Hudson County Correctional Facility, officials said.

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