Police Chief: North Bergen cop suffers minor injury during funeral escort


A North Bergen police officer suffered a minor injury this morning to avoid a traffic accident on his motorcycle in the middle of a funeral escort, according to Police Chief Robert Dowd. North Bergen accident

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

An eyewitness sent multiple photos of the situation to Hudson County View at 10:18 a.m., showing a heavy police presence, as well as North Bergen Emergency Medical Services, at approximately 87th Street and Bergenline Avenue.

A police officer was being helped into an ambulance during this time and Dowd confirmed with Hudson County View that a motorcycle officer sustained an ankle injury as a result of trying to evade a traffic accident.

Dowd added that the incident occurred during a funeral escort, though specific details are still being compiled on the situation.

North Bergen accident 2

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  1. That’s great then we will make sure when you pass away , there will be no one there to help your loved ones to the cemetery . I would personally like to thank Chief Dowd on these escorts , most of these officers volunteer for this to pay respects to the community families. Also my Father passed away and my extended family and loved ones were escortedd by NB POLICE, I commend these Officers and the Department for helping families with these losses to our families. And “Angelo” we will remember to forget you and yours .

  2. Well Angelo, well you are a well respected man like my grandfather, who’s funeral this police officer was escorting, maybe you’ll understand. But until you stop being ignorant than I guess you won’t. The escorts were a tremendous help, while we had them, considering we were coming from Cliffside and had to go to St. Joe’s in WNY. It was unfortunate what happened but thankfully, there were other officers there to help the officer who crashed. After this we were on our own and most of the precession got cut off thanks to ignorant people, much like yourself, who don’t have enough courtesy and respect to not cut off a funeral precession. My cousin is on the NBPD and they did this out of respect for my grandfather. But don’t worry, I will let them know when you pass you dont the police department to waste their money escorting you.