Police: Brooklyn man who stole grill from Lowes caught with heroin in Bayonne


A Brooklyn man who stole a grill from Loews was caught with heroin in Bayonne after a traffic stop yesterday, police said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Michael W. Geoghega, 42, of Brooklyn, New York, was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (heroin), possession of narcotic paraphernalia, and receiving stolen property.

Geoghegan was taken into custody at about 4:57 a.m. from the area of Lowes, located at 500 Bayonne Crossing Way. Officers in the area observed a white van exiting the parking lot of Lowes and entering a nearby lot.

A random check of the license plate did not match the vehicle and a motor vehicle stop was conducted to investigate. During the investigation, officers encountered a woman and two men, one of whom was identified as Geoghegan.

As all occupants exited the vehicle, officers observed narcotic residue in the area where Geoghegan was sitting.

A further investigation of the vehicle yielded other narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia, a grill with manufacturer labels still affixed to it, and bolt cutter and other tools.

The officers also observed a security cable used to secure the grill on display outside of the store cut and resting on the floor of the van next to the grill.

Unable to confirm if the grill had been stolen, and if so, from where, the female and other male occupants were released and Geoghegan was placed under arrest for the narcotics.

The van was subsequently impounded for displaying fictitious plates and the grill was retained for further investigation with Lowes.

Once Lowes was opened for business, the investigation into the grill was conducted.

The investigation and review of video surveillance confirmed that the grill had been stolen from Lowes by Geoghegan who utilized the van to store it. He was additionally charged, authorities said.

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