Police: 21-year-old arrested after calling in false rape report to Hoboken police


An intoxicated 21-year-old man was arrested by Hoboken police after calling in a false rape report at a popular city bar that denied him entry, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante said.

Hoboken police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Ridgewood man, whose name hasn’t yet been released, was rejected admission into 1 Republik, located at 221 Washington St., on Saturday night, Ferrante wrote in a tweet yesterday.

Shortly thereafter, the man called Hoboken police and alleged a rape was occurring inside the establishment’s bathroom.

Police Officer Anthony Rutkowski, as well as Sgt. Rino Binetti, immediately investigated and identified the caller and arrested him, according to Ferrante.

As a result of his “sick behavior,” the man was charged with creating a false public alarm and making false reports to police, the police chief added.


  1. Great job, HPD, catching the lowlife author and purveyor of a fake rape.

    Best of luck, HPD, in catching the lowlife author and purveyor of a fake flyer.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if one of DeFusco’s old guard brigade were involved in the racist flyer thinking they were helping their candidate. They know how to do dirty.

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