Paul Swibinski: ‘We have a zero tolerance for any corruption in North Bergen’


North Bergen spokesman Paul Swibinski has released a statement following two township Parks and Recreation employees being charged for getting paid for working no-show jobs, saying that North Bergen has a “zero tolerance for any corruption.”

Photos via New Jersey Attorney General's Office.
Photos via New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“While we have a zero tolerance for any corruption in North Bergen, we should realize that these charges involve two part-time recreation employees who are apparently being accused of timesheet infractions,” Swibinski said in an email.

“Both have been suspended without pay and the township is cooperating with the investigation.”

The state Attorney General’s Office announced hours ago that Abraham Garcia and William Somick have been charged with getting paid for no show jobs.

Agents of the state Attorney General raided the North Bergen Parks and Recreation Department on March 9.

Somick is one of the sons of Kathryn Somick, who is Mayor Nick Sacco’s girlfriend.

On March 24, Larry Wainstein, Sacco’s main opposition in the May 12 municipal election, filed an ethics complaint with the state Department of Education alleging that Sacco used his political influence to get his, and Somick’s, family members jobs jobs in the board of education.

At the time, a spokesman for the township said the allegations had “no merit whatsoever.”

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