LETTER: After NB employees charged, Sacco should resign, Wainstein says


In a letter to the editor, North Bergen mayoral hopeful Larry Wainstein is calling for Mayor Nick Sacco to resign after two township Department of Parks and Recreation employees were charged with getting paid for no-show jobs.

Larry Wainstein

Today two of Sacco’s employees were charged with holding no-show jobs. I am calling on Nick Sacco to resign as Mayor of North Bergen.

This morning, NJ State Attorney General John Hoffman charged two North Bergen Department of Parks and Recreation employees with submitting falsified time sheets to collect pay for no-show work.

Today’s findings clearly demonstrate what I have been saying for a long time, Sacco and his administration are corrupt and continue to steal taxpayer dollars to line their pockets.

We need to put an end to this corruption by getting rid of Sacco. The residents of North Bergen deserve better. They deserve a leader they can trust.

Today’s findings are part of a larger pattern of CORRUPTION in North Bergen. In 2012, the FBI investigated and indicted numerous officials of the North Bergen Department of Public works, including James Wiley.

Corruption has been plaguing North Bergen throughout Sacco’s 30-year dictatorship. I commend state officials for protecting taxpayers and holding Sacco’s crooks accountable for stealing our money.

Now it’s time to get rid of the man who enables them: Mayor Sacco. By getting rid of Boss Sacco and his corruption, we can lower the taxes by 30%. North Bergen has the highest foreclosure rate and the highest tax rate in the state, due to Sacco’s CORRUPTION.

I’m asking the people of North Bergen to help me, so I can help them by routing out all the criminals and the corruption in North Bergen.

As Mayor of North Bergen, I will eliminate no-show jobs, corrupt spending, nepotism, hiring all relatives, and take corruption head on. The money wasted on no-show jobs could go to improving our schools, lowering taxes, and eliminating fees for parking permits and the township pool.

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