Paul Faugno: N.J. AG’s investigation of North Bergen DPW had no integrity


Paul Faugno, the attorney representing North Bergen Department of Public Works Supervisor Francis Longo, argued that the state Attorney General Office’s investigation of the department has not been “credible” or “trustworthy” during his closing arguments to the jury. 


Faugno expressed that the government had failed to prove that Longo, as well as fellow North Bergen DPW Supervisor Troy Bunero, used other department workers to fix Bunero’s bathroom while on township time.

“Think about why they choose this,” Faugno pleaded with the jury, while holding up a photograph of Bunero’s finished bathroom, exclaiming that it was meant as a way to put forth a misleading timeline of events.

” … But the facts are, no work was done in this bathroom. They presented that to you, ladies and gentlemen, to impact you, to try to convince you that is the work done by DPW workers.”

He had previously stated that while Longo, Bunero and other DPW workers had worked on the bathroom, it was done on vacation time or after the work day had ended.

Additionally, Faugno took exception to the fact that investigators for the state Attorney General’s Office never asked North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, or DPW Commissioner Frank Gargiulo, if they knew anything about Longo and Bunero being asked to work on political campaigns throughout the county.

“Did the two people, the two people that would have an interest in them [the elections], the two people that would benefit from that [DPW workers campaigning], particularly Mr. Nick Sacco – the mayor – because he’s an elected official.”

“And Mr. Frank Gargiulo, an elected official: did they even ask them … what they knew about it, don’t you think that should be the ones who [they] ask the questions to? The people that benefit from it.”

Longo faces charges of conspiracy, two counts of official misconduct, a pattern of official misconduct, theft by unlawful taking and misapplication of entrusted property and property of government.

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