Brian Neary: The jury is ‘the ultimate protection against the all-powerful bully’


Brian Neary, the lawyer representing North Bergen Department of Public Works Supervisor Troy Bunero, told the jury they are “the ultimate protection against the all-powerful bully” when making his closing arguments this morning. 


“How do you stop the Attorney Generals of New Jersey as a street sweeper, as street sweeper, a snow plower, as a man, men who work with their hands and get dirty everyday?” Neary exclaimed to the Hudson County Superior Court jury.

” … This is the ultimate protection against the all-powerful bully, whether the bully is the state of New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, or whether the real bully is [ex DPW-Superintendent] James Wiley, this is the ultimate protection: the 12 citizens that will be drawn from this body of 16.”

After also attacking the credibility of Wiley as a witness, Neary explained in greater detail why the testimony of both Wiley and North Bergen DPW worker Paul Molinero should not be taken seriously.

“There were special categories, two special categories, that take away credibility: one was to obtain immunity. He who comes and has to testify, not out of the goodness of their heart, not out of the power subpoena, not out of desire to tell the truth, but compelled by the state of New Jersey to take that into consideration.”

Furthermore, Neary noted that although he doesn’t know who the “golden goose” is, it’s safe to say it isn’t Troy Bunero.

Bunero faces charges of conspiracy, two counts of official misconduct, a pattern of official misconduct, theft by unlawful taking and misapplication of entrusted property and property of government, tampering with public records or information and falsifying records or information.


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