City of Hoboken unveils ‘I AM 400’ banner at Church Square Park for Black History Month


The City of Hoboken unveiled an “I AM 400” banner, commemorating the African Journey in America between 1619-2019, at Church Square Park for Black History Month earlier today.

Photo courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We must continue to educate ourselves about the African American experience to strive towards a more equal and just society,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

“I hope ‘I AM 400’ encourages residents and visitors to research and learn more about the inspiring African Americans who have broken barriers and made all our communities a better place.”

The art piece highlights the character, culture, and contributions of African Americans through a collection of 69 paintings created by father and son artists Jerome and Jeromyah Jones.

The paintings in this collection were primarily created from the personal perspectives of the artists meeting and painting pioneers and barrier breakers who are widely known and unsung heroes that the world needs to know.

Some of the history makers who have autographed their portraits include Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Martin Luther King III, Christine Darden, Stevie Wonder, Arthur Ashe, Serena Williams, Earth, Wind & Fire, General Colin Powell, Lonnie Liston Smith, Dr. Wyatt T. Walker, Alex Haley, Xernona Clayton, Dr. L.D. Britt, and more.

Other paintings are allegorical and historical, showing symbols and motifs that explain the journey of a people on a quest for freedom.

Following Black History Month, “I AM 400” will be donated to the Hoboken Public Library. A full list of the individuals depicted can be read here.

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    • Bhalla promoted Chris Brown to City Director of Urban Planning and Development (opposed by Fisher and Giattino) and chose Vanessa Falco to lead the new Department of Affordable Housing, a merit based appointment. He also hired Kim Craft as Hoboken’s first AA female City Engineer- she has since left.

      AA candidates, put in your applications.