Op-Ed: On Election Day, vote Republican to bring common sense back to Washington


In an editorial, Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey President Hermino Mendoza, along with member Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein, explain why voting for GOP candidates tomorrow will bring commons sense back to Washington.

Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey President Hermino Mendoza.

On Tuesday vote Republican!

Tuesday’s election will not be the end of the Biden recession nor the cessation of the extremist Democrat driven decrease in safety, but if enough voters pull the lever for Republican candidates across the nation (including in NJ), it will be the beginning of the end of economic uncertainty and the rampant rise in crime.

Times are tough – food, gas, utilities, rent, taxes, and the cost of living are going up at rates outpacing those lucky enough to receive raises.

Misguided attempts to address alleged systemic discrimination have resulted in “progressive” policies which require repeat theft and violence for criminals to be locked up. These policies have been pushed by one party – the Democrat Party.

Not all Democrats are so woke that they cannot see the rise in break-ins and revolving door that bastardized “bail reform” has become for career criminals, even if their party leaders cannot.

This is why across the nation and in NJ, more and more middle-class blue and white collar citizens have purchased firearms for home protection and even gone through the rigorous and expensive process to be able to legally concealed carry firearms.

Moderate rank and file registered Democrats see the extreme pseudo-progressive woke left attempting to shrink the middle ground by attacking anyone dissenting from their orthodoxy.

For example, the woke label as bigots all who acknowledge illegal immigration as an issue. But commonsense Americans see attempts at cancelling people just because they refuse to lump legal immigrants with illegal aliens as underhanded.

Middle ground Democrats, Independents, and Republicans have seen what happened to the economy and know there is more at work than just the lingering effects of covid lockdowns.

They are well aware that while Putin is a deplorable dictator, his post-Trump invasion of Ukraine is as likely to have caused US economic woes as Putin’s pre-Trump 2014 invasion of Ukraine caused any – it didn’t.

Middle ground voters of all stripes and types understand that Biden is asleep at the wheel and that the Democrat leadership has no idea what to do about the failure of rural and urban public schools.

They see woke leaders pushing critical race theory out of law schools, and sex change conversations out of adult exchanges with doctors, into elementary schools.

They do not want children raised to hate America nor themselves, they want better math, science, and comprehension results and an education for their children that can compete with, and beat, Europe and Asia.

Tuesday’s election will not end the increasing inflation and crime that Biden and the Democrats have created. Nor will it immediately cease the culture war the woke Democrat leadership has unfathomably decided to wage against children. All of those will get worse before they get begin to get better.

But on Tuesday, across the nation by casting a vote for the GOP, voters can and will send a message that the beginning of the end of the Democrat politics of culture war division, educational abdication, and rise in inflation and crime is coming to an end.

Vote Republican November 8.

Herminio Mendoza, President of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey
Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

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  1. Your half-baked talking points have more holes than Swiss cheese. Go back and read your 2nd Amendment, the whole 2nd Amendment. Have either of you served in a “well regulated militia?”It is you and the NRA-loving fringe who put the safety of our citizens and residents at risk because you willfully mis-read that Amendment. We are sick and tired of your ‘thoughts and prayers’ every time someone commits an unwarranted killing with a firearm. Firearms which your side vehemently protests when Dems and moderate Republicans try to pass meaningful gun legislation.

    I am not surprised that you two actually brought up Putin and his bellicose actions in Ukraine. Some where in the deep recesses of your collective consciences and centers of reason, you were confronted with the thought that indeed the International response to Putin’s aggression has compelled Russia to turn down (and in some cases, off) its petroleum spigot to those nations who are rightfully appalled at his actions in Ukraine, thus causing much of our current inflationary predicament. Your Lord and Master Trump’s initial and prolonged denial of the Covid Pandemic threat ALSO caused huge supply chain issues. But in the end, sadly, both of you are of the Ayn Rand ilk of your Republican Party, putting personal Capitalism ahead of ALL other concerns.

    So if the boogeymen who you both fear ( and want the rest of us to fear) actually came after you, are either of you strong enough or proficient enough with your loaded cigars (look it up, Einstein) to defend yourselves without having your assailant shove your ‘gun’ where the sun doesn’t shine? So you Charles Bronson “Death Wish” vigilante types don’t need our paid police force to protect you? Can all your elderly friends and relatives also protect themselves apparently as well as you two think you can protect yourself?

    Since both of you really can’t be bothered with the FACT that our Country and its allies are indeed paying a price ( but a RIGHTEOUS price) for defying Putin and aiding Ukraine, which was attacked by Putin, then just as you and your ilk cannot be bothered to share in that sacrifice (because an attack on one is an attack on all), then should you two, gun loving individuals actually (hopefully never) require actual police assistance, May it never come. Fair is fair, right?

  2. Even though his mom is the one who buys the SpaghettiOs and Chewable Flintstone Vitamins, he pays attention to the price changes so he knows what things cost in case he ever gets a job.