Op-Ed: Everyone needs to work together to fight ‘ballot harvesting’ in N.J., Hudson County


In an editorial, New Jersey Republican State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein says that everyone needs to work together to fight “ballot harvesting” in New Jersey and Hudson County.

A screenshot of a New Jersey vote-by-mail ballot.

With Georgia under attack by those pretending its laws do not allow early voting (it does) and that it prohibits drinking water in line (it does not), election integrity is in the national spotlight.

Nationally, Democrats are feigning objecting to requiring identification at the voting booth.

They allege it is a racist constitutional violation, as if Black and Hispanic Americans are somehow unable to get drivers licenses or other ID, yet they have no problem proposing a national system requiring people carry medical ID papers to travel, gather, and exercise free assembly – a 1st amendment freedom.

In New Jersey, we have seen the re-run of a vote-by-mail election in Paterson because two sitting City Council members were charged with election fraud.

We have also witnessed the opening of an investigation by the state Attorney General into the racist flyer allegedly created by some Edison Democrats suspected of targeting themselves as a false flag attempt to gain support by playing the victim (possibly similar to events in Hoboken’s 2017 mayoral race).

Of course, the recent 2020 presidential election in which many state level Democrat officials changed the voting rules in extra-constitutional, and likely outright illegal, ways in the 11th hour has undermined Republican, independent, and international faith in American elections.

Ballot harvesting, something New Jersey Democrats once voted to limit due to the danger of voter fraud, is now being pushed federally by the national Democrat party.

Confidence in the electoral process is not high.

Hudson County residents need to be concerned not only about these issues on the state and national level but also locally.

The county voter rolls are notoriously inaccurate, with massive numbers of people who have moved or passed on to a better place still on the voter list.

Indeed, in the rest of New Jersey people often make the old joke that they want to be buried in Hudson County so they can continue to vote even after they die.

By law the county is required to have both a superintendent and a deputy superintendent of elections to ensure the efficiency and integrity of elections and maintain accurate voter rolls.

The same law requires that the Superintendent and the Deputy be of different parties to
ensure a fair and balanced process. Yet Hudson County has only a Democrat at the helm as acting superintendent and no Republican.

Rumors abound that all the Republicans working for the Superintendent’s office are stationed in the warehouse, sitting around with powered down voting machines, and are not part are parcel of the supposed efforts to keep the county voting rolls in order.

Moreover, sources state that a subordinate has been running the office after the acting superintendent suffered medical problems many months ago.

Election investigators who exist to investigate false voter registrations, it is worried by many, may be partisan appointees instructed not to do the job in more than a cursory or perfunctory way.

As the negatively impacted party, Republicans of all types should be expected to fight to right the broken electoral system, but it is incumbent on all people – Republicans, independents, and Democrats to seek a voting system and elections that are beyond reproach.

While the current “leader” of the Hudson County Republican Party, Jose Arango, who has worked unofficially as the Hudson County Democrats pet Republican for years, has not said a peep on the issue, many Republicans and the people of Hudson County have had enough.

Solving the issue of election integrity on the state and national level may seem daunting, but for all those in Hudson County concerned with free and fair elections, it begins by addressing voting integrity on the local level.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein
New Jersey Republican State Committeeman

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  1. If “rumors abound ” and unnamed or even described “sources” state are all that exists as evidence for some of Mr. Epstein’s claims, that’s pretty thin gruel.

    That said, it’s inarguable that New Jersey has a very real and very rich history of absentee ballot fraud in local, non partisan elections and that much of that fraud was associated with illegal vote harvesting by campaigns.

    It should be noted, however, that the problem in NJ has never been that too many people vote by mail or that campaigns encourage and even help voters to vote for their preferred candidate by mail. The problem has also never been that voting by mail is too easy.

    The problem has been a lack of enforcement of existing laws that led people breaking the law (and the candidates who benefitted) into believing they could cheat with abandon and would never be caught. Hoboken, for example, didn’t need new laws to be passed making it harder for people to vote to stop the rampant fraud in it’s local elections, which was hardly hidden from the authorities. All Hoboken needed was for Frank Raia, believed by pretty much everyone to be the lead perpetrator, to finally be investigated and charged.

    Focusing on enforcement of laws that actually address actual fraud issues is something everyone could probably agree on.

    That is quite different than creating laws unrelated to any actual issues of fraud or in some cases even potential fraud (like early voting on Sunday or handing out water to people in line) for the obvious purpose of making it harder for legal voters to vote, as Republicans are doing in Georgia and around the country.

    • Doesn’t Sotomayor-Einstein pal around with former Raia protege, Peter Biancamano?? I guess that’s one way to learn about Raia’s criminal antics

  2. Good article from Josh Einstein but even with the Election Integrity Commission back more than a decade ago with President Jimmy Carter advising that fraud is most prevalent with mail in ballots and should be avoided, today’s Fascist Left wants that more than anything. It was objective number one with Pelosi after the installation of the fraudulent puppet Biden and Harris. The objective is to put in a massive takeover of all elections in the country and then make mail in ballots mandatory for voting with no election integrity protocols.

    That’s not an accident. That’s a direct result of their efforts as they were working to unwind election integrity across the country in 2020. Now with the first priority, H-1, the goal is permanently make federal election rife with election fraud and no means to stop it. This never should happen in this country especially in the 21st century where blockchain technology could make it all but impossible for any significant election fraud.

    You’d never see another election stopped in any state again let alone multiple one in the dead of night as the Democrats did during Election Theft 2020. What are the odds that the Democrat election stoppages only occurred in multiple states that also happened to be swing states President Trump won in 2016?

    What are the odds that not a single other state stopped the election on Election Night?

    A new Rasmussen poll shows most independents now believe Election Theft 2020 is a problem as the vast majority of Republicans. Even a segment of Democrat voters agree. The destruction on this country already with the puppet installation of Biden and Harris is horrible. The open borders disaster cooked up is only one horror show.

    • The only ones who still don’t believe trump got his as kicked are these morons. It’s because of morons like this that he lost. But they don’t get that either.