Officers honored for capturing Michael Viruet Jr.’s alleged killer, crash details revealed


Members of the North Bergen Police Department, Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, as well as federal agents, all received a proclamation for their stellar police work which led to the arrest of Rogelio Chavix-Tacen on December 5 – the alleged drunk driver who killed Michael Viruet, Jr. as the result of a November 14 car crash. 


Chief Dowd explained that Sgt. David Dowd, of the North Bergen Major Case Unit, reached out to FBI agent Eric Perry – who is considered an expert in cellular analysis and recently taught a class on the subject that was attended by Sgt. Dowd.

Instead of just giving advice, Perry offered to help with the case. Perry began analyzing the cell phone of the driver from the November 14 crash – Rogelio Chavix-Tacen – among other devices.

A local ICE agent, John Belluardo, also found out that Chavix-Tacen, a Guatemalan national, was attempting to flee the country.

After Chavix-Tacen was captured by U.S. Marshals in Annapolis, Maryland on December 5, officers received a full confession from the 38-year-old, with the full details of the fateful crash that took the life of Michael Viruet, Jr. being revealed.

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  1. Honored? Who payed for that taxpayers? Why? They were doing there job. They were SUPPOSE TO CAPTURE HIM. They are paid lots and lots of money to do it. Medical and a enormous pension after 25 years. Remember?