No charges for West New York cop involved in fatal car accident, sheriff says


The 28-year-old rookie West New York police officer who fatally injured a pedestrian while driving to work on Monday night will not be facing any criminal charges, according to Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari.


At West New York Town Hall press conference, Schillari was joined with Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Bruce Miller, West New York Police Director Robert Antolos and Mayor Felix Roque.

Speaking with Hudson County View, Schillari explained why police officer Jorge Salgado did everything by the letter of the law.

Schillari also noted that the victim in the accident, Gualter Guicoy-Mutzutz, 27, was wearing dark clothing when crossing the street and “just darted out of nowhere.”

Miller, a member of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Crash Investigation Unit, explained the accident from a technical standpoint.

Miller also mentioned that it was extremely unlikely that Salgado exceeded 27 miles per hour in the 25 mile per hour zone on John F. Kennedy Boulevard near 70th Street.

Antolos explained that as a result of the tragic accident, Salgado will be using vacation days to take some time off from the department.

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  1. We all knew this already. Seems the officer was late for his 12am shift. Reports off the record he was speeding at least 45mph in a 25mph zone. Justice never comes to HC. Very Sad to hear this. These same corrupt leaders also protect the Dirty Menendez.

    Mayor Roque your getting shown out the door May 12th. Start shredding……….

  2. Yeah that’s some bull**** he did a hit run; didn’t even stop at the scene. He should of at least waited for the EMS to arrive. It took a while to find the person who did it shows a lot of what kind of cop he is. This a shame & the mayor & the department of police of course defends him.

  3. This is no different than the guy who just ran over the 7 year old girl. The only difference is that this guy is cop. Ive seen this corruption happen over & over. Thats complete fuc**** bull**** where is the evidence that the guy darted out???? & please explain how did they conclude that “there is no way he was going over 25 on kennedy” … It Kennedy everyone goes over 35. Its just sad that west new york covers up for a muderer just so that it wont look bad. I hope this cop gets killed while doing his job. We need to take justice into our own hands. Its such a shame, the guy probably doesnt have anyone to fight for him.

  4. Tabloids are just so poisoning. People wouldn’t understand unless they are there first hand. This man is a beautiful human being and an astonishing police officer and I do believe too this truly was an accident.