Frank Ferreiro: I never illegally obtained any records on Count Wiley’s son


Frank Ferreiro, once one of Mayor Felix Roque’s harshest critics, continues to push forward in his feud with Commissioner Count Wiley and the West New York United team – stating that he never illegally obtained any school records on Wiley’s five-year-old son after the camp held a press conference on the subject. 

“In reality, all I have is the denial letter [from the West New York Board of Education],” Ferreiro told Hudson County View. A screenshot of the letter first appeared in our report on the West New York United press conference from Wednesday.

Ferreiro filed an Open Public Records Act request for “copy of registration forms and supporting documentation for enrollment in West New York NJ Schools for the child or children of Count Wiley and/or Beatriz E. Wiley residing at 6010 Monroe Place, West New York New Jersey 07093.”

The request was denied on March 17, but Ferreiro took the response to mean that the Wileys have a child or children in the West New York school system, he just wasn’t entitled to their personal information.

Wiley confirmed on Wednesday that he had a son in the West New York school system, as well as that he and his wife own a home in both North Bergen and West New York – stressing that both properties are necessary to raise and take care of their five children.

West New York United campaign spokesman Pastor Ralph Sanchez, Jr. was not amused by Ferreiro in this situation.

“Just the thought of a random stranger trying to access a 5 year old’s school record as some hoax is more frightening and disturbing than corruption itself. Any parent that would accept this as a joke would be irresponsible. When it comes to our children, every attack must be taken seriously.”

Ferreiro discussed a variety of other topics including his continued voter fraud allegations against the Wileys, why he now supports Roque and if there is any truth to the allegations that he is a convicted felon.

screenshot of the letter

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  1. Frank Mama Huevos Ferreiro, got a new haircut and shaved….Frank, question 1, do you sell weed in West New York and the police protects you? Question 2, how much Fonseca pays you to lie? Frank, are you into little boys?

  2. Ferreiro is as low and dirty as Roque. what a phony – he’ll do and say anything as long as the Roque slime pay him. Go away , FF, go back to your own town and try to ruin your town. Let roqye run for mayor of Sayerville, he lives there as much as he lives in WNY which is not at all. your such a hypocrite, saying wiley doesn’t live here when neither does roquye. Why don’t you ask Roque where HE lives, you phony.

  3. Wow this guy will stop at nothing. These are the people roque uses to get his message out. How is this guy even allowed in the town hall to make comments. I thought he lived out of town. And to think he tried to bate wiley with a fake letter. All of this to deflect from his character, which is skeptical to say the least. John heinas, stop wasting your time with this guy. He has nothing constructive to add to the situation it’s pathetic. And don’t bother responding frank, with the “why don’t you put your name down”. Most intellegent people know that this administration is the most vindictive we have seen in decades and can’t afford to be punished for speaking their minds. Only you really have nothing to lose. Funny all the talk roque says about Cuba, but he is worse than castro and Che.

  4. Notice how frank doesn’t look into the camera when answering the tough questions. Oh Frank your a LIAR now like Roque. What a P.O.S.

    Frank your a laughing fool to everyone now. Especially the Roque/Succo people by how they flip you.

    Was it worth the Money?

    Vote column D May 12th 2015

  5. Looks like this interview took place after midnight . At first I thought a drug deal was going down LOL…Seems like John does not sleep at all… Seriously nice to see Franky all cleaned up for the interview…Franky claims to be a business man ?… So stay quiet and keep out of Politics and no one will attack your character and yes no one is perfect. But like saying goes ” DON’T WAKE UP THE RUSSIAN BEAR ” comprende amigo ?

  6. I like the video. It’s after midnight and it looks like John might have something up his sleeve. Reminds me of the closing scene from the ” SOPRANOS “… R.I.P. :))

  7. I’m so disappointed frank, you had me so convinced all these years, that you really love WNY and that you really cared about all these young people. All this “REAL TALK”, you gain a couple of people that only speak to you bc you support roque, that’s the one thing you have in common. And when he loses and you no longer support him will they still respect you, speak to you or make believe they aren’t judging you behind your back. There’s you’re your plate of real talk, sir. And by all means, I am not one of your old crew members that you claim are hating on you. I actually didn’t agree with a lot of your views but I still listen to you and I liked you but this whole roque thing, and then Lying about the document you had, and attacking this lady and her kid man. Just chill bro. Some of us

  8. Poor frank. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. In his case you can get a thug criminal a shave and a haircut, but he’s still a thug criminal. Just saying.


  10. You are the joke frank. You wore the POS shirt not anyone here, and now you are up his a**. Why, no one believes you when you say he is doing the right thing now. Nothing has changed except you. You’re the biggest joke out there. Just keep talking and smoking and eating. That’s the only time you aren’t talking nonsense.

  11. Stop shouting frank, nobody cares what you have to say because you’re a liar and a phony. you have no self respect and nobody respects you, not even your dirty pals in town hall. Your new name is Froque

  12. I once met the property owner where res4wny used to have an office. He said the noxious fumes of Marijuana permeated throughout the entire building and was choked up with emotions but relieved when he was finally able to have Frank evicted.

  13. The denial letter repeated his request verbatim and outlined the reasons why it cannot be completed. No where in that document does it acknowledge the existence or the addresses of any 1 child or children in the schools system.

    Frank is simply lying and misleading the public as usual. Roque campaign spokesperson Pablo Fonseca is also lying in claiming that Frank is not getting paid by the Mayor’s campaign. Recent ELEC filings report that Hi Impact Advertising (Frank’s business) has been well compensated.

    Voters beware. These people are no good for West new York or any other town for that matter.

    Frank was also incarcerated for a week in March of 2007 after being convicted of driving with a suspended/revoked license. So again he deliberately lied on camera. He was 34 years old at that time.

  14. Watch the ending of the video carefully. Heinis asks Ferreiro about the OPRA form and Ferreiro being convicted of an indictable offense. Ferreiro admits “that’s probably why the OPRA request was denied”.

    Felon asking for a child’s record. Sounds like a crime to me.

  15. Funny how all these comments are written under fakes names at least grow some and post with your real names.The truth must hurt pretty bad,if I’m getting all this attention,cant wait til this week,more bombs drop,lets see what else you can come up with,got you scrambling huh…lol…

  16. Like someone said before. People have things to lose when they speak out against the little dictator. They cant use their real names because of the retaliation that takes place. You obviously never had anything to lose, being a loser from the beginning. Seams roque never learned his lesson when he spoke against menendez. Now it all comes full circle with menendez getting a taste of that medicine. Roque and you should be a little nicer to the people. You both are rude and arrogant.

  17. Why does everyone forget this use to be a free country. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion and support who ever they want. Also to change their minds. I dont support either Wiley or Roque but Frank can do what he pleases with in his rights. To many people get hurt playing politics in WNY and laws get broken. This is not Cuba. Frank keep doing what ever you wish. Its your right. My family and others gave you and me this right. Frank did defend the American Flag issue against Roque so I always will respect Frank. Good luck to you Frank, Wiley and all the others. . Roque really does need to resign I believe or not get another 4 years on the BOC.