NHSA secures $1M grant for rehabbing West New York and Weehawken sewer systems


The North Hudson Sewerage Authority has secured a $1 million state grant for its Collection System Improvements Project, which will help rehab their West New York and Weehawken sewer systems, manholes, and service connections.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We are very pleased that the state has recognized the importance of maintaining sewer infrastructure. The grant will enable us to improve the collection system in over 40 locations in our service area,” NHSA Executive Director Richard J. Wolff said in a statement.

“We again express our thanks to Assemblywoman Chaparro who was instrumental in securing not only this grant, but also $2.3 million for our 5th Street Pump Station.”

This grant will play a crucial role in financing the rehabilitation of approximately 7,000 linear feet of combined sewers, manholes, and service connections in Weehawken and West New York.

The Collection System Improvements Project aims to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the sewer infrastructure in the region.

Specifically, the project will rehabilitate and replace pipes and service connections through a combination of trenchless technology, such as cured-in-place lining and conventional open-cut techniques.

Furthermore, the authority has surveyed the collection system using remote cameras, reviewed the CCTV footage, and maintains a GIS database of sewer pipes that are defective and need rehabilitation.

Based on these survey results, NHSA identified the next 42 priority sewer pipe segments that are currently in need of rehabilitation.

The existing collection system in the identified areas (36 locations in West New York and six locations in Weehawken,) consists of vitrified clay pipe, a brittle material prone to cracking and structural failure with age. The grant will be used to address this issue.

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